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The biggest mobile, wearable and gaming gear still to come in 2016

Predicting unannounced products is something of an art form, combining equal parts pattern analysis, rumor mill watching and old-fashioned logic and imagination. While there's no way to paint a Rembrandt-like picture of 2016's biggest consumer tech until the big companies have already rolled out their holiday lineups, we can at least draft up an impressionist portrait, visible brush strokes and all. With half the year in the books, let's look at the big-ticket consumer gear we're most psyched about seeing in the second half of 2016.Read More

Mobile Technology Review

Huawei MateBook review: The sleekest of them all

During the last year, Huawei has established itself as a company capable of making premium, smartly-designed devices that are an absolute pleasure to use – including the Huawei Watch, which was our favorite smartwatch of 2015, and the (Google collaboration) Nexus 6P. What happens when the Chinese company applies that formula to a Microsoft Surface rival? You get a product that, while imperfect, stands as the sleekest, most elegant 2-in-1 yet.Read More


The first augmented reality earbuds get smarter this November

Earlier this year we reviewed a pair of smart earbuds that give you control over your ears' experience of the world, letting you do things like cancel out an airplane engine or make your boring trip to the store sound like an acid-laced interlude from The Dark Side of the Moon. Neat technology and wacky novelties aside, though, one thing Here Active Listening earbuds lacked was an obvious and immediate purpose for people who aren't regular concert-goers or hardcore techies. Doppler Labs is hoping to change that with its more consumer-friendly Here One.Read More

Mobile Technology

Moto Z vs. iPhone 6s Plus

The Moto Z and latest iPhones tackle the smartphone from opposite directions. Motorola's new handset may be the simplest and most logical take on the modular smartphone to date, adding new looks or features just by snapping on a back plate. The most recent iPhones, meanwhile, have shied away from such bold changes – instead conservatively evolving the world-changing formula from Apple's 2007 original. Can Motorola's flagship shake up smartphone industry stagnation? Let's start by seeing how the Moto Z compares to the iPhone 6s Plus.Read More

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Moto Z vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Motorola's (which today really means Lenovo's) Moto Z is one of the boldest smartphones yet. A modular phone, like the LG G5, the Moto Z has a simpler, more elegant kind of modularity – with optional plates snapping magnetically onto its back, to give it either a new look or all new functionality. Let's see how it compares to one of its best and most popular – but not modular – rivals, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.Read More

Mobile Technology

Oh snap! Hands-on with Lenovo's Moto Z and its modular back plates

Modular phones aren't yet a thing, per se, but that doesn't mean underdog (i.e. not Apple or Samsung) smartphone-makers aren't trying their darnedest to put them on the radar. First it was LG with its hit-and-miss G5, and now Motorola (Lenovo) with the Moto Z and its snap-on, Ashton Kutcher-approved "Moto Mods." If our hands-on time is any indication, this could be the first modular approach that really matters.Read More


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