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Tim Hanlon

Tim Hanlon
Tim originally came to Gizmag as a developer, much to the dismay of anyone who had to maintain, build on, or rewrite his code. After wearing every other hat that didn't have a head for it, he became CEO in 2010. Outside Gizmag, he trains Muay Thai and plays too much Destiny.
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The Vapor Shark DNA is one of the new breed of devices with temperature control functional...

There are a growing number of electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) with temperature control functionality, allowing a fool-proof way to avoid either the overheating of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Glycerine (VG), the common carrier liquids for nicotine and flavoring, or a "dry puff", where the wick becomes too dry to produce vapor, and simply burns instead.  Read More

Spa's Blanchimont and Eau Rouge

With the release candidate of Assetto Corsa available on Steam Early Access, DK2 support heading to iRacing in the next week or two, and Project Cars (again with DK2 support) due in late November, Christmas is arriving early for sim racers. Read on for our impressions of Assetto Corsa with the Oculus Rift DK2 after putting in a few laps of Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in the P4/5 Competizione.  Read More

The PlayStation 4 will be released in North America on the 15th November Sony has announced a release date for the PlayStation 4, new games and a price drop for the PlayStation Vita, a Gran Turismo 6 release date and more at its gamescom 2013 presser.  Read More

Gizmag tries out Evoluent's VerticalMouse

While the future of the human–computer interaction is looking more promising by the day, for every Leap Motion or Oculus Rift in the wild, there's still millions of people who rely on a mouse to do their job – a device that by its very nature forces their forearm and wrist into a variety of unnatural positions, inevitably causing varying levels of discomfort and/or pain. Gizmag's Tim Hanlon has been testing the VerticalMouse for over a month, and is shocked at the difference it made to his life.  Read More

Pioneer's DDJ-WeGO DJ console is perfect for beginners, or veterans on a budget When CDs replaced vinyl as the DJ format du jour, Pioneer established itself as the club standard with classics like the DJM-600 mixer and the CDJ-1000 CD player. Now that there's a whole generation of DJs coming of age who've never owned a CD in their life, Pioneer's latest bit of kit caters for the digital DJ who can't afford something like the XDJ-AERO.  Read More

App.net is to social media what Amazon Web Services is to the rest of the web

Can you imagine a service like Twitter without advertising, spammers and URL shorteners? Without clunky official clients, and without hostility towards the third-party ecosystem? The 12 strong team at App.net can, and they think enough people are willing to pay for such a service to make it work.  Read More

The new iPad's Retina display might cause more problems than it solves

The verdict is in: the new iPad has a brilliant display. Unsurprisingly, quadrupling the number of pixels on a display allows it to output crisper text and sharper images. Unfortunately, the rest of the hardware (and content creators) might be playing catch up for the next few years as Retina-caliber displays become cost effective to produce in larger sizes.  Read More

Super Stardust Delta makes our top 5 PlayStation Vita games list

If our gushing review of the Vita has you ready to drop some cash, but you're not sure what games to get, read on for our selection of the five best launch titles for the PlayStation Vita (in no particular order).  Read More

WipeOut 2048 on Sony's latest (and greatest?) portable gaming console, the PS Vita

Whether you consider it progress or a race to the bottom, Apple's iOS platform is gobbling up the gaming market. Nintendo's 3DS was far from perfect (read our review), leaving many looking to the Vita for gaming on the go. But is there a future for dedicated gaming devices? After a week with the Vita, Gizmag's Tim Hanlon hopes so.  Read More


In an article last month, I assumed that news of the PS Vita not hitting shelves until 2012 would have left Nintendo executives feeling as if they'd dodged a bullet - I was clearly mistaken. On August 12, Nintendo dropped the price of the 3DS to US$170, leading to a 260% jump in sales. A month later, just when you thought it was safe to buy a 3DS, Nintendo officially introduces the 3DS Slide Pad - which adds a second analog joystick to the 3DS.  Read More

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