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Performing mouse clicks with a little tap dance

Full-blown standing desks, desktop converters or something inbetween are all aimed at getting you off your butt for the benefit of your health. Researchers at Canada's University of Waterloo have designed a system to help make the most of this upright approach to working by using lower limb activity for computer interaction.Read More


Leave the amp at home: Twin-speaker guitar throws out authentic tones

Showing off your shred skills to your friends can be less than satisfying using an electric guitar on its own. But lugging amps, effects and cables to the beach or campsite ain't exactly practical. And finding sockets nearby to power your fretboard athletics – forget it. Which is where guitars packing built-in speakers and effects come in handy. The latest to join the likes of the Fusion Guitar in bringing a modern twist to the play anywhere electric six string design is the Model One from ElectroPhonic Innovations, which is said to boast tube-like vintage tone and dial-in effects. Read More

Home Entertainment

Hanging speaker system directs music to a listener's ears

Giving into the urge to surround yourself in music at work or at home isn't a problem if there's only yourself to worry about. If you want to listen without bothering those around you, though, closed-back headphones would seem a logical choice. But long-haul use can be a little uncomfortable. Richard Haberkern's new Soundlazer VR directional speakers hang overhead like a light fitting and direct wirelessly streamed audio straight to the target listener, for the promise of a "high fidelity, focused cloud of sound that others can't hear."Read More


Stomp puts riff recording at your feet

Do you rely on hastily scribbled notation or tab when four- or six-string inspiration hits? Or maybe you sit in front of your smartphone and hit record. Or even just try and remember, only to completely forget by the time you reach the rehearsal room. Denmark's TC Electronic has now come up with the Wiretap Riff Recorder, a new way to capture and catalog your killer riffs that's always at your feet.Read More


Asus aims for the heart of the home with cute do-it-all robot

At Computex today, Asus revealed the Zenbo home robot. Kind of like Echo meets Keecker with a bit of Pepper sprinkled in the mix, it's been created to offer busy modern family members a helping hand with everyday tasks like keeping the kids entertained, controlling connected smart devices and providing recipe inspiration for mealtimes. The company also sees it acting as a remote guardian for the elderly.Read More


Solar-powered boat ready to make 2,000 mile ocean voyage on its own

Silicon Valley father of four Damon McMillan is hoping to launch the fruits of a two year garage project in time for Memorial Day. He's just put the finishing touches to his Seacharger boat and plans to set it off on a solo trip from the Californian coast down to Hawaii on May 30. The craft is designed to cut through the waves using only a motor powered by solar panels.Read More


Epic Epiphone mod makes for scorching solos

At the end of last month we got a small taste of the inspired craziness of Brit backyard tinkerer Colin Furze when we took a look at his insane DIY hoverbike. Earlier in April, Furze asked viewers of his YouTube channel for ideas on how he could modify a rather nice-looking Epiphone Les Paul guitar. Clearly Mad Max fans were watching as most viewers voted for a flamethrower. Read More

Digital Cameras

Adventure-ready 4K rugged actioncam captures more than UHD footage

For the latest addition to its range of rugged snappers and videocams, Olympus has revealed a feature-packed pocket toolbox for active types called the Stylus Tough TG-Tracker. The actioncam marries an ultra-wide angle lens with 4K video recording capabilities, is able to measure temperature and altitude, and can keep tabs on a user's location. With the help of a companion mobile app, it can also provide a detailed overview of outdoor adventures.Read More


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