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Motorcycles Review

Review: Suzuki's SV650 squeezes big fun into a small, compact, naked roadster

Light, quick bikes... They rule. When Suzuki decided to re-launch its hugely popular SV650 mid-range v-twin sportsbike, it took a look in the rear view mirror to get back to the classic, trellis-framed styling that made it such a hit in the first place. Its low seat height and narrow waist make it super-accessible for newbies and those of shorter stature without feeling cramped or insubstantial, and its punchy power curve and lightweight handling are brilliant for confidence building. The same things make it a lightweight riot of a thing for more experienced riders. Gizmag's Loz Blain spent a week with a resurrected legend.Read More


Those perfect cars you see in TV ads? Here's the Mad Max machine underneath the CGI

This wicked little electric beast looks like a ton of fun to drive, but it's even more impressive than it looks. The Blackbird is a visual effects stand-in for car commercials and filmmaking. Its width, wheelbase, suspension action and engine response can be tuned to match pretty much any car, and its onboard 360-degree cameras can be used to generate perfect reflections when the real car body is overlaid onto it in post production. Those car commercials that look too good to be true? They probably are, and this little beast might be the reality underneath the perfection.Read More

Aircraft Feature

Dezso Molnar interview Part 5: Introducing the world's first flying car race series

In the final part of our five-part interview with serial inventor and flying car advocate Dezso Molnar, he introduces his newest venture: a race series. With more than 100 flying cars on the road and in the air worldwide, Molnar believes the fastest way to take this technology to the next level is to get a community of inventors and aviators together and put their vehicles to the test in a competition out on the West Coast of the United States. There'll be categories for radio controlled, electric and unlimited flying cars, so there's room for the full spectrum of innovators.Read More

Drones Review

Walkera F210 3D review: The full FPV drone racing experience, straight out of the box

Drone racing is one of the most exciting sports to spring up in recent years. It doesn't seem to make much of an arena spectacle for an audience yet, but the video highlights are wild, and it's an awesome sport to participate in. Up until recently, it's been a bit of a geek's game, but ready-to-fly racing quadcopters are set to open things up to a whole new generation of pilots that don't have any interest in building their own aircraft. And this one's a doozy: Walkera's F210 3D arrives fully assembled, and it's crazy fast, super responsive, easy and fun to fly. It's also built like a brick ... outhouse, so it's ready to take all kinds of crash abuse. We've had one on deck for a week and Loz is starting to feel like he might get hooked on this thing.Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Luke Workman interview Part 3: Street racing, the birth of an electric obsession, and a lethal wedding ring

Luke Workman, aka LiveforPhysics, is a joyfully maniacal electric vehicle genius with his fingerprints on some of the most exciting and ridiculous projects in Silicon Valley. In the final part of our hilarious and mind-blowing interview series (don't miss parts one and two), Luke sits down with Loz to discuss his youth as a street racing hustler, how he got into lithium battery technology, the future of high performance motoring in an autonomous world ... and the lightly radioactive, potentially deadly and totally unique wedding ring he made for his wife.Read More

Wearables Review

Interview with the inventor: Nura's adaptive headphones turn our understanding of hearing on its head

Your perception of sound and mine are very, very different. That's why my favorite headphones sound tinny and awful to you, and yours sound woofy and messy to me. People's ears vary so much in physiology that it's like we each get a randomized graphic equalizer at birth, with up to 20 decibel swings each way as we go up and down the audible frequency spectrum. Even your left and right ear are different from one another. Nura's adaptive headphones measure these differences with a short test, then tune themselves so that they sound amazing for every listener. We had a chance to pass them around the Gizmag office and speak with Nura co-founder Kyle Slater. And while it wasn't a surprise that they sounded fantastic, what really blew us away was how terrible they sounded when we tried each other's sonic profiles.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Video review: Royal Enfield's Classic 500 fools people into thinking we've restored it

When it comes to modern classic motoring, Royal Enfield occupies a pretty unique niche. To drive a brand new car with truly retro styling, you're paying through the nose for something like the Morgan AR Plus 4. On the other hand, you can pick up something like the Classic 500 motorcycle, in this case done up in army green as a homage to the motorcycles of World War 2, for about the same price as your average commuter bike. Like Morgan, Royal Enfield just never bothered to modernize, so they're about as authentic as it gets. And as Loz discovered riding it around for a couple of weeks, the vast majority of people on the street instantly assume it's a really well done restoration.Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Luke Workman interview Part 2: The million-horsepower piston crusher, the Joby S2 and leaving Zero

If you missed part one of our Luke Workman interview, check it out. He's a brilliant, fearless, joyful maniac who has so many fingers in so many pies that he's got to have an extra pair of hands somewhere to fit them on. Formerly the lead lithium battery specialist at Zero Motorcycles, Luke is now an independent contractor working on a dozen ridiculously amazing projects including the stunning Joby S2. That's just his professional life – outside hours he's constantly working on a range of backyard science projects that would scare the bejesus out of any lesser being. In part two, we discuss his million-horsepower piston crusher, his multirotor projects and his post-Zero consulting career. Plus, Loz rides the Death Bike in a bicycle helmet and a Nomex suit.Read More


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