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Mobile Technology

Smartbook concept: a smartphone, keyboard and a tablet PC in one

We humans are such demanding creatures - we want the world and then some. Luckily, there are concept designers out there who are willing to cater to our whims. For those of you wishing tablet PC's had a usable keyboard and the smartphone had a bigger screen feast your eyes on the Smartbook concept. It’s a phone handset that folds out into a QWERTY keyboard that can sync with its personalized PC tablet.Read More

Around The Home

Spiral Eye makes easy work of threading a sewing needle

Considering that sewing is supposedly a relaxing pastime, isn’t it odd that the very first step in the process – threading the sewing needle – can be so difficult? That’s exactly what Minnesota inventor, Pam Turner thought and that’s why she designed the Spiral Eye needle. It’s a sewing needle that allows the user to simply slide a looped thread towards the needle eye where it is caught and then pulled into the eye. Easy, stress-free and so simple - you wonder why it's taken this long to create.Read More

Around The Home

Robotic vacuum cleaner with wireless IP camera

Some things are just made for each other…bread and butter, coffee and cream, maple syrup and waffles, robot vacuum cleaner and wireless camera…wait a minute, that last one doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven. But this robot vacuum cleaner with an IP WiFi enabled camera could prove me wrong. This little dynamo not only keeps your floors clean, you can direct it to vacuum from your holiday destination and even use it to communicate - or keep an eye on - your family back home. Read More

Inventors & Remarkable People Feature

Computer pioneer Charles Thacker receives AM Turing Award

Does the name Charles Thacker mean anything to you? Here’s a hint – he has recently been awarded the Turing Award – the most prestigious award honor in computing and considered to be the computing equivalent of a Nobel Prize. What has he done to earn him such an illustrious award? It’s more a case of what hasn’t he done...Charles Thacker designed the Alto – the world’s first personal computer and a prototype for networked personal computers. He also made significant contributions to the Ethernet local area network, as well as the first multiprocessor workstation and the prototype for a tablet PC. Currently employed by Microsoft, Thacker joked that many of his achievements happened way before “Microsoft even existed, when Bill [Gates] was in short pants.”Read More

Around The Home

Individual Washer takes care of sorting and color-coding laundry

What really annoys me about doing the laundry is having to sort through all the colors and fabrics. Especially when - despite my care - I accidentally include something red with all my whites and I’m left with oodles of pink sports socks and tees! A clever design concept from Yali Dai could solve all my laundering problems. The Individual Washer is an upright washing machine that can sort and wash all your clothes together – regardless of color, material or washing temperature requirements. Hooray, that means no more extra sorting, no more color bleeding and no excess water usage!Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Lace-amatic makes light work of tying and tightening shoe laces

When you first see the Lace-amatic shoelace-tying device you could be forgiven for wondering who would need, use or even want this product – after all, isn’t that why we have Velcro shoes? But for people who struggle with dexterity, flexibility or strength or for those who just want to get their shoes on and off quickly, the Lace-amatic makes a lot of sense. It allows you to tighten and loosen tied shoelaces and lets you get knotted shoes on and off in an instant…it’s simple, ergonomically sound and could make a job that many people find difficult, just that little bit easier.Read More

Around The Home

Foldaway Massage Chair converts to footstool

There’s all sorts of massage chairs available, but many of them are excessively large and to be honest - not particularly blessed with good looks. The Foldaway Massage Chair not only delivers a massage to the legs, feet, back and buttocks – it folds up into a colorful footstool that can be used as an extra piece of furniture or stored neatly away.Read More


Joos Orange personal solar charger: affordable, rugged and extremely energy-efficient

The Joos Orange personal solar device is an affordable, durable, and waterproof energy source that can be charged by a USB, works in low-light conditions and offers up to 20 times more energy when compared to existing personal solar devices. It delivers more than two and a half hours of cell phone talk time for every hour it has been charged and its polycarbonate case has been encapsulated in urethane ensuring that it is rugged enough to be used outside for many years. The battery can generate enough power to fully charge six standard cell phones or four smart phones and the unit is expected to retail for less than US$100. Read More

Around The Home

TricorBraun’s propellant-free cooking oil spray

TricorBraun’s Oil Only Spray System is a new way to dispense pure cooking oil by using air rather than a propellant. It uses a special valve system and a unique actuator that is capable of atomizing 100% pure oil without the need for additives. So you still get all the benefits of a cooking oil spray without any unwanted chemicals.Read More


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