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Landmark Gibraltar station is just the start for Eco Wave Power

Last month, Gizmag was on the ground in Gibraltar as Eco Wave Power (EWP) inaugurated the first ever grid-connected wave power station in Europe. It was a big moment for the company, but only hinted at its plans for the future, with much larger efforts on the horizon. With the Gibraltar station off to a good start, Gizmag sat down with EWP's co-founders Inna Braverman and David Leb to discuss the present and future of the company.Read More


King Tut's dagger was out of this world

Scientists have long debated the origins of the iron in a dagger blade belonging to King Tutankhamun that was discovered 91 years ago. New evidence, obtained through the use of highly-accurate X-ray technology, should end the discussion, revealing that the metal in the famous dagger made its way to Earth as part of an ancient meteorite.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Prosthesis allows amputees to walk in heels

We've seen some interesting prostheses over the years, from 3D-printed legs to devices for kids with superhero aesthetics. A project from researchers at the Johns Hopkins University is a little different, providing a prosthesis to help women with lower limb amputations to walk in high heels. It's an effort that could have a huge positive impact on peoples' lives, from female veterans to the fashion conscious.Read More


Is exercise an effective cancer therapy?

While it's well-known that regular exercise can help you avoid getting cancer in the first place, researchers now believe that it could also be useful in actually combating the disease. An upcoming study led by University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) researchers aims to provide a more concrete answer to the question – can exercise really help fight cancer?Read More


Taking control of key protein helps mice fend off cancer

The spread of cancer is a complex process, and for tumors to grow, the cells of the disease must first find tissue that'll let it thrive. We know that the disease prepares the tissue by acting upon a protein that suppresses the body's natural defences, clearing the way for tumor growth. Now, scientists have worked to take back control of the protein, restoring defences against cancer in laboratory mice.Read More


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