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Smart paddle coaches kayakers

Sea kayaking is like a lot of other activities, in that just because you enjoy doing it, doesn't mean you're doing it right. If you aren't out there with more experienced kayakers, though, how will you know what to change? Well, that's where Motionize Paddle comes in. It's a system that uses your smartphone to assess and improve your paddling.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Could a pill prevent cavities?

You may have already heard about how the introduction of probiotic "beneficial bacteria" to the gut can aid in digestion. Now, scientists from the University of Florida are proposing doing something similar with peoples' mouths. The result could be a cavity-prevention pill.Read More


Shooting planes with lasers makes for better comms

Whether they're flying over battlefields, disaster sites or search-and-rescue operations, aircraft can prove to be a valuable "eye in the sky" for ground crews. Usually, data is transmitted from those planes using radio signals. Such signals can be jammed or intercepted, however, plus bandwidth limitations put a damper on just how much data can be sent. That's why scientists from the University of Oxford and Airbus Group Innovations are now using lasers instead.Read More


Simulated Martian and lunar soils sprout their first crops

When and if colonists ever arrive on Mars, they're going to need something to eat … on a long-term, ongoing basis. That's why several research groups are looking into the feasibility of growing crops on the Red Planet. One of those teams, from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, previously tried growing food plants in simulations of both lunar and Martian soil. Although those tests proved unsuccessful, that wasn't the case the most recent time around.Read More


Aero Bamboo Bike looks very unbamboo-like

Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, vibration-damping qualities and rigidity, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a frame material for bikes. It also certainly has a distinctive "organic" look, although some people might find it a little too Gilligan's Island-esque. That's why a team at England's Bamboo Bicycle Club has created what is claimed to be the world's first Aero Bamboo Bike.Read More


For better bike tires, just add graphene

When it comes to high-end bicycle tires, buyers generally have to choose between light, fast ones and grippier, more durable models. According to Italian tire manufacturer Vittoria, however, that's no longer the case – at least, not with the company's new Graphene Plus rubber.Read More


First bionic fingertip implant delivers sensational results

Dennis Aabo Sørensen may be missing a hand, but he nonetheless recently felt rough and smooth textures using a fingertip on that arm. The fingertip was electronic, and was surgically hard-wired to nerves in his upper arm. He is reportedly the first person in the world to recognize texture using a bionic fingertip connected to electrodes that were surgically implanted above his stump.Read More


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