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One pill to rule them all: 3D printing tech combines multiple drugs in a single pill

Remembering to take a pill once daily can be hard enough, but it gets particularly challenging when you have to take several doses throughout the day – especially if you're taking multiple types of medication. To make things easier, scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have developed a new technique that uses a 3D printer to combine multiple doses of different medications in a single time-release tablet.Read More

Treated paper warns users of impending sunburn

As any dermatologist will tell you, it's important to know when to get out of the sunlight – or at least, when to apply more sunscreen. As a result, there are now various UV exposure-monitoring devices that tell us when to seek the shade. Not everyone wants to buy one, however, plus some of the single-use models contain environmentally-harmful materials. With that in mind, scientists have developed cheap, disposable eco-friendly sensors that are made of paper.Read More

Urban Transport

Electric longboard folds down, fits in knapsack

Longboards are a popular type of skateboard for commuting, as their extra length allows them to track well in a straight line. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that we're seeing an increasing number of electric longboards hitting the market. One problem with them, however, is that their long form factor makes them awkward to carry around when not in use. That's why Linky was created. It's a folding electric longboard, that fits inside its own bag.Read More


Ocean-going cyclist envisions a World With No Borders

"There is one planet, and if we don't share it wisely, we will lose it." That's what Iranian-born Dutch adventurer Ebrahim Hemmatnia said in 2014, before beginning a pedal-powered trip around the world. While his intention is to draw attention to how interconnected we all are, it's his unique mode of transport that's really turning heads. Named Melanie, the four-wheeled propeller-equipped vehicle can be pedalled on both land and water. Amazingly, he's already used it to cross the Atlantic Ocean – setting the Guinness Record for "Longest journey by amphibious bicycle" in the process.Read More


Buzzing bracelet is out to stop your nasty habits

If you know someone with a compulsive behavior such as nail-biting or thumb-sucking, you may find yourself constantly telling them, "Hey, you're doing it again." The problem is, you can't be watching/stopping them all the time. That's why HabitAware's Liv was created. It's a bracelet that recognizes its wearer's problem behaviors, and vibrates to let them know that they are in fact doing it again.Read More

If the sensor goes pink, then don't drink

Unlike wine, beer doesn't age well. It goes stale, becoming a foul-tasting concoction that breweries certainly shouldn't be sending out to stores or bars. While brewers do already perform tests to gauge freshness, those typically involve expensive gas chromatography equipment and take time to conduct. Soon, however, a simple color-changing sensor and an Android app may be all that's required.Read More

3D Printing

Harvard tech allows for mid-air 3D printing of metal structures

Suppose that you had to build a tiny spring, antenna or other structure for use in a microelectronic device such as a biomedical implant… how might you go about doing it? Well, a new 3D printing technique developed at Harvard University would certainly make the process easier. It allows people to essentially draw minuscule metal items in mid-air.Read More

Mountain meets the sea in new diving fin design

Inspired by modern click-in/click-out ski binding systems, Italian entrepreneur Paolo Piumatti figured that scuba divers could benefit from something just as convenient. The resulting Finclip system lets divers get their fins on with no awkward bending over or sitting down.Read More


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