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"Underwater drone" channels your inner Cousteau

If you're fascinated by the underwater world, then you probably also think that ROVs (remote-operated vehicles) are pretty neat. Given that their prices can start in the tens of thousands of dollars, though, you've likely never seriously considered buying one. Well, that could be about to change. Utilizing some of the same technologies that have allowed aerial drones to become affordable, Blue Robotics' BlueROV2 could soon be yours for around US$3,000.Read More


Sat nav bike bell keeps cyclists on course

A Bluetooth bicycle bell – so, what would that do? Well, in the case of the Blubel, it syncs with an app on your smartphone to provide navigational cues. Additionally, if you want to alert other users to hazards on your route, you just ring it as you would a regular bell.Read More


Spider silk violin catches customized sound

Spider silk may be known for being extremely strong, yet it's also elastic – that's how it's able to both hold struggling prey, and alert spiders to that prey by transmitting vibrations caused by those struggles. With these dual qualities in mind, a Design Engineering postgrad from Imperial College London has created a one-of-a-kind violin … using silk spun by an Australian Golden Orb Spider.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Hug machine puts the squeeze on autism

Prof. Mary Temple Grandin is a high-functioning autistic, and is an outspoken advocate for people with autism spectrum disorders. Among other things, she invented what is known as a "hug machine," which reportedly calms hypersensitive people by gently exerting even pressure along their bodies. While some individuals have made their own over the years, Denmark's Gloria Mundi Care is now offering a commercial version, called the OrbisBox.Read More


Smart camera learns how your baby sleeps

While there are already a variety of systems that monitor how your baby sleeps, most of them require you to fasten some sort of wearable to your infant's body. Nanit, however, is different. It's a contactless system that utilizes an overhead camera to observe your little one, using machine learning to teach itself their sleep patterns.Read More

Digital Cameras

Hands-free GoPro-control system has some real bite

Depending on what you're filming, it can often be difficult to reach over to your GoPro to start and stop recording. That's why many users turn to the GoPro smartphone app, or the wrist-mounted wireless remote. However, using those things still requires you to have at least one hand free. The GoHawk goes for truly hands-free shooting, by letting you control the camera with your mouth.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Taking photos makes experiences ... better?

You've probably either said it yourself, or had it said to you: Stop taking all those photos, and just enjoy the experience. Indeed, it does make sense to think that picture-taking "removes" you from a situation, changing you from being a participant to being an observer. According to a new multi-university study, however, getting snapshots can actually make you enjoy experiences more.Read More

Digital Cameras

Peripheral smartphone camera goes where the sun don't shine

Your smartphone's camera may be able to do a lot of things, but it can't detach from the phone to see into hard-to-reach places. That's why Edinburgh-based startup Barwritek created the Eye Eye. It's an HD video camera that's hard-wired to your Android smartphone via a coiled cord, and mounted on a telescoping pole so it can be held up high, underneath things, or wherever else you wish to stick it.Read More


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