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Mobile Technology

Apple announces iPhone 5 – its thinnest, lightest and most powerful phone to date

Apple today unveiled the iPhone 5. Whether by accident or design, many of the features of the iPhone 5 were already known – or at least heavily suspected – well before the official unveiling of the device by Apple today. The 4-inch screen in 16:9 aspect ratio? Yep. A smaller dock connector? No surprises there. LTE compatibility? Absolutely. A faster chip packed inside a slimmer casing? Yes and yes. Thankfully, for those of us needing to find something to write, there were a few features that Apple managed to keep under its hat until the official unveiling. Read More

Mobile Technology

Trio of Lenovo Ideatab tablets debut at IFA 2012

Lenovo has announced three new tablets that are smarter, slimmer and more powerful than their predecessors. Showcased at IFA in Berlin, the S2110A, A2107A, and A2109A Ideatabs are powered by Ice Cream Sandwich, or Android 4.0 if you don’t have a sweet tooth. Geared toward gaming and business uses, the 10-inch S2110A supports a battery-powered attachable keyboard and features a Micro-HDMI port, while the 7- and 9-inch A2107A and A2109A have been designed for casual use and optimized media consumption. All three tablets are 3G compatible. Read More

Digital Cameras

Astro camera mount designed to make time-lapse photography easy and affordable

The Astro camera mount is intended to make time-lapse photography accessible to anyone interested in cameras. It is designed to be inexpensive, durable, small enough to fit into your pocket, and easy to program. Its functions are accessed via a three-ringed control system, which is used to set the duration of the time lapse sequence (0.25-12 hours), the range of camera movement (0-360 degrees) and the interval at which photos are taken (0-60 seconds). Separate left and right buttons below the interval ring control the pan direction of the camera. Read More

Phosphor's swipe-friendly Touch Time watch

Since the release of its first E-ink watch in 2007, Art Technology’s Phosphor brand has steadily added a number of wristwatches boasting E-ink display technology like that used in eReaders, such as Amazon’s Kindle. For the latest addition to its range, however, Phosphor has eschewed the E-ink display in favor of an “always on” LCD display with capacitance touchscreen technology that allows access to the watches’ various functions with a swipe or a tap.Read More


Jungle Venture Incorporated looks to kickstart Pitfall 3

Crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter continue to impact on product development and manufacturing work flows - contributing to what American economist Jeremy Rifkin termed a Third Industrial Revolution. At the Classic Gaming Expo in Las Vegas this month, David Crane announced his ambitions to bring this revolution to the video game industry through a project called Jungle Adventure. The creator of best seller Pitfall! wants to use Kickstarter to redefine how video games are produced. Framed under the banner of Jungle Venture Inc., his team is asking for US$900,000 to design a game tipped to be the definitive David Crane jungle game.Read More

3DCone lets iPhones shoot 3D stills or video

3DCone is one of the latest add-ons for the iPhone 4/4S promoting the capture of 3D imagery and video. Using a clip-on attachment equipped with a mirror and dedicated app, 3DCone captures and processes stereo pair images ready for uploading to YouTube 3D. Read More


The AmigaOne X1000: Keeping a dream alive

Motorola and PowerPC chip driven computers like the Amiga have widely been confined to the annals of computer history along with their perceived end note: Apple’s move to Intel chips in 2006. What happens, however, when large scale manufacture of such systems is replaced by the desire of enthusiasts to keep a dream and operating system alive? The answer is AmigaOS 4 and AmigaOne X1000.Read More


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