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Auris skye adds Wi-Fi streaming to existing music docks


October 23, 2013

The skye system allows users to wirelessly play their music on devices that would not norm...

The skye system allows users to wirelessly play their music on devices that would not normally support Wi-Fi

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Many of the latest music players are launching with Wi-Fi for sharing music from a computer, iOS, or Android device. Perhaps you have an older model, and you still want to be able to take part in the wireless music listening fun. A new product called the Auris skye aims to bring such an experience to existing docks with a 30-pin connector.

This device is able to receive streaming music in three ways: AirPlay for devices that support it, DLNA for Android and Windows devices, and Wi-Fi direct, which is optimal for streaming without a router.

Auris, Inc. promises an easy set up, with the user only needing to hook the skye up to a 30-pin connector, connect the device to the Wi-Fi network, and then follow the instructions within its application. AirPlay and wireless streaming has always been somewhat hit or miss, so it will be interesting to see how smooth this process actually is when the device is released in December.

Audio quality is promised to be vastly improved when compared to Bluetooth models, and that has been the case with DLNA and AirPlay devices we've used. Interestingly, Auris promises that with the digital to analog convertor (DAC), sound quality will actually exceed that of the device actually docked on the 30-pin connector itself, but time will tell if that proves to be a reality.

The optional 30-pin to 3.5 mm + USB converter

For users who have a dock without a 30-pin connector, they can still use skye with the optional converter. However, going this way does mean the device will need to be powered by a USB cable, while the chargers included within 30-pin docks actually power the device normally.

Testing with many docks has been performed, and the company says that it is yet to encounter one that does not work with skye. If yours is on the list it has supplied, you can rest assured that it will work, but Auris remains confident that it will support almost all 30-pin docks.

Auris is seeking funding on Kickstarter and started with a fairly modest goal of US$56,000. It has far exceeded that with the funding period about to wrap up. Buyers looking to back the project and receive a skye can do so for a minimum pledge of $69.

The Kickstarter pitch below provides more information on the skye.

Source: Auris

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Sounds exactly the same concept as Pear, which died a death when Apple refusing to grant to "made for iphone" standard with it having a female 30-pin connector.

Kevin Evans
25th October, 2013 @ 04:06 pm PDT
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