ASUS Transformer AiO boots Windows 8 and Android 4.0, doubles as massive tablet


June 6, 2012

The Transformer All in One brings together Windows 8, and Android 4.0

The Transformer All in One brings together Windows 8, and Android 4.0

ASUS has unveiled a prototype of its latest all-in-one PC at Computex 2012. The Transformer AiO is the first desktop targeted device designed to run both Android 4.0 and the upcoming Windows 8 OS, and while an all-in-one case design isn't new, the difference here is that the 18.4-inch multi-touch display can be completely detached to function as a (very large) tablet.

The AiO lives up to its Transformer name thanks to its desktop and tablet configurations, but unlike previous ASUS Transformer devices, it can hardly be called portable.

When you remove the 10-point multi-touch LED-backlit display from its base, the AiO instantly switches from Windows 8 to Android 4.0, giving access to applications that better fit the tablet configuration. In tablet mode all processing is handled at the desktop dock, which requires a constant power supply.

As ASUS has only shown off an early AiO prototype that's said to use an Intel Ivy Bridge processor, but there's currently no further details on specs (battery life will be an interesting figure given the size of the tablet), pricing or a release date.

Source: ASUS via: The Verge


I am a little confused.... In tablet mode all processing is handled at the desktop dock, which requires a constant power this a misprint or does it mean the tablet has to stay within range of the docking station to function? If this is the case it doesn't add much to the portability feature.


I was left equally confused. I read that piece a few times and gave up on trying to interpret it. I checked other posts and it seems that your guess is a reasonable bet - ie that the tablet is just a wireless screen and needs to be in range of the dock


The hi-tech industry has been confusing and be-fuddling non-tech people for many years with jargon filled lingo and operating instructions written on the assumption that the reader is a computer engineer.

Now with this news release, it looks like they are going after people who normally understand the jargon filled lingo and the operating instructions.

Ha ha ha. Now you know what it feels like to be over 50 years old.


From the Asus press release:

"The display can be easily removed from its base station to become a wireless display for the AiO PC, extending the range of the PC and allowing users to continue with their work anywhere in the home. The very same wireless display can also be converted into an Android-based 18.4” tablet for the home with a press of a button. In addition, users can instantly access their data through the Android operating system without having to turn on the PC. "

So, it looks like it works as a wireless display when runing Win8 and has a proc/RAM etc built inb to make it an android tablet independent of the base.

This could be popular...

Mr T

Do not just conjecture Mr T. This is supposed to be a dual boot Android and Windows 8 device. The wireless ( actually cordless) use is most likely to be a mode to use the desktop dock computer on the touchscreen while away from it.

When the 'tablet mode' is switched on, irrespective of whether the dock computer is on or not, the 'tablet' should work in both Windows 8 as well as Android OS modes, as per the user's wish .


Is this Asus saying that Windows 8 is no good for touch devices?

Leo Ponton

From what you said it sounds like you are required to be in range like bluetooth. Additionally, why would they make it so it switches to Android 4.0 in tablet mode? The whole point of Windows 8 is to be desktop/tablet with its own tablet mode. Wouldn't you want one or the other. Android is better then windows at this point but for desktop processing Windows still has an edge. I don't get it.

Chris DeNigris

I get it... from other articles at least. The monitor has a ARM processor and runs Android. The base has an Intel processor and runs Windows.

If you want to access your windows applications while the tablet is undocked you do so via a remote desktop application running under Android.

My 10" ASUS Transformer is too small for surfing in my easy chair and too big to carry around on a daily basis. Sign me up for one of these 18" tablets for home use to go along with a 5"~7" tablet/phone for use out in the real world.


This tablet PC now comes with a sweet NVIDIA 730 card and i5 for $1,299.00. the i7 core version is about $1,500.

Alex Pizarro

Can't do windows with it undocked.

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