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ASUS gives Computex product release sneak preview


May 27, 2010

A new Lamborghini VX looks like it's going to get a Computex 2010 release from ASUS

A new Lamborghini VX looks like it's going to get a Computex 2010 release from ASUS

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Rather than wait for the blogosphere to come up with its own rumors with varying degrees of accuracy, ASUS has opted to start its own pre-Computex 2010 rumor mill. The company's online technology magazine has hinted at the event release of a couple of notebooks, a pair of gaming motherboards and a new all-in-one. Details are almost non-existent, though.

The first of the notebook teasers to be featured on the pages of Tech-in-Style is a member of a rather exclusive ASUS family, the Lamborghini VX. Like the rest of the items featured here, details are lacking. In fact, the following is about all that's being made available: "With beautiful designs inspired by thoroughbred supercars, the new model offers the very latest mobile technology. Discerning users who want a healthy mix of style and first-rate specifications will be well served, whether it's an ultra-portable for outstanding mobility or a larger laptop for more laid-back use."

This out-of-focus image is about a clear as the information released by ASUS about a new a...

Just about every computer manufacturer now has a range of all-in-one desktop computing solutions. It looks like the Eee Top range from ASUS may be getting a new wallet-friendly high definition companion. The online magazine has this to say: "This stylish new desktop computer packs a generously proportioned HD display that lets you work and play in widescreen comfort, while a choice of the very latest processors let you choose a specification that's tailored to your needs - and budget. Entertainment is where this new PC is really at home though, with optional components that cater for every requirement, whether it’s movies, music or even TV."

Gamers are set to be treated to a couple of ROG motherboards

The company hasn't forgotten the needs of gamers. In fact, ASUS has decided to somewhat spoil them with a couple of Republic of Gamers motherboards and a notebook, too. By now, of course, you should be getting used to: "We can't give much away at this stage - not even the names - but we know that inveterate tweakers will be thrilled with the features that these two new motherboards provide. What we can tell you is that both models offer LGA1366 sockets for Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition support, with triple-channel architecture for up to - well, let's just say that you won't run out of RAM for the foreseeable future…"

The ASUS Republic of Gamers unit has been busy putting together a new notebook, details to...

As for the notebook, guess what? ASUS is not giving anything concrete away (3D!) except to say, "but here's a clue - this portable powerhouse has a similar stealth fighter-inspired design as ASUS' other ROG laptops. The difference is that the smaller screen makes this new model easier than most to slip into a bag for use on the move. Oh and you’ll see a new side to games and movies on this display, if you know what we mean…"

All will be revealed just ahead of the official kick off at Computex 2010. We'll keep you posted.

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