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Arzum shows Termotwin double reservoir vacuum flask


September 7, 2010

Arzum showcased the Termotwin - an ingenious vacuum flask - at IFA 2010

Arzum showcased the Termotwin - an ingenious vacuum flask - at IFA 2010

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If you’re into camping but miss your creature comforts, you’re going to love Arzum’s Termotwin, which was on display at IFA 2010. It’s a vacuum flask that consists of two separate reservoirs that keep liquids at the same temperature for up to four hours – so milk and coffee or brewed tea and hot water (or I’m thinking maybe rum and cola!) are ready when you are. Now that’s good thinking.

The Termotwin’s innovative design has two separate containers with capacities of 250ml (8.45oz) and 800ml (27.05oz) that keep liquids at the same temperature. It seems you simply fill each container with the desired liquid; put the unit together and with a twist of the switch at the top you pour and mix as desired. There’s also a handy drawer at the bottom of the unit which is ideal for tea leaves or sugar cubes.

Arzum, a Turkish company, showed the Termotwin at IFA this week and there are plans to enter other European markets at a later date. There’s no word on pricing or when this clever gadget will be available…but anything that makes camping slightly more bearable certainly gets my tick of approval.

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not a terrible idea. I can think of a number of used beyond coffee, like using a brine to make a fluid even cooler or perhaps when camping and you want to warm up some leftover beans with some boiling water from the tea pot. I\'m not going to run out and get, but its interesting all the same.

Michael Mantion
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