Arsenal Firearms' Double Barrel Pistol shoots two bullets at once


March 18, 2012

One full payload from the AF2011-A1 can deliver in three seconds what would take a regular 9mm pistol almost ten times as long to fire, including reloading

One full payload from the AF2011-A1 can deliver in three seconds what would take a regular 9mm pistol almost ten times as long to fire, including reloading

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It's been a popular design for shotguns for over a century, so why not handguns? With a design that looks like two guns were melted together, the new handgun from Arsenal Firearms is definitely a handful. Thanks to the gun's dual barrels though, the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol is capable of firing 16 rounds in a span of three seconds by shooting two bullets at the same time.

Arsenal Firearms produced the double-barreled handgun to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of the Colt 1911-A1, which has been the preferred sidearm of the U.S. Military since World War II. This certainly isn't the first double barrel pistol ever made, but it is the first .45 caliber, semiautomatic one built to industrial specifications.

Aside from the separate barrels, the rest of the AF2011-A1 is made of conjoined parts, so that it uses a single slide, grip, and safety. It can however be customized to use a single trigger or two separate triggers, so the left and right barrel can be fired independently. Most of the internal parts - firing pins, springs, housings, etc. - are actually interchangeable with standard Colt 1911 parts. The pistol holds 16 .45 ACP rounds split between two columns, which connect to a single base plate and can be loaded like a single magazine.

Arsenal says the gun can be handled like any other .45 caliber handgun and is surprisingly accurate, considering its non-traditional design. At 15 yards (13.7 m) from a target, all 16 bullets will group in an area about the size of an orange; at 25 yards (22.8 m), that area grows to about the size of a watermelon. The dual barrels also pack quite a punch, with two bullets making up 460 grains of weight hitting a target one to two inches apart from each other, depending on the distance. That means one full payload from the AF2011-A1 can deliver in three seconds what would take a regular 9 mm pistol almost ten times as long to fire, including reloading.

Check out the video below to watch Dimitry Streshinskiy, co-creator of the AF2011-A1 Double Barrel Pistol, demonstrate the handgun by firing a fully loaded magazine.

Product Page: Arsenal Firearms

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Its true that Arms alone do not kill but its equally true that without arms no one can get killed. Arms with operator together make a lethal combination.


Twinlinked is here! Browning + WH40k= More Dakka!

Albert Cousins

Wow....the first pistol I never want to own.

I can do more payload out of a Para-Ordnance 14-45 without the girth and massively stupid look. It carries 14 rounds of .45acp magazine with one double stack magazine....and a additional round in the chamber.


Awesome! I have absolutely no use for it but that doesn't make me want it any less.


The same person who would buy this is the same person who would buy a gold-plated .50 caliber Desert Eagle. Pure novelty.

Morgan Jones

I will keep my IMI baby Desert Eagle in 9mm and 41AE, 19 rounds of 9mm or 15 of equal to .45 ballistics .41 AE, this gun is a turd, not useful for carry, not useful for anything, spot on Morgan

Bill Bennett

it looks like two colt 1911s taped together...

A short study of ballistics will show that two large subsonic .45 bullets coming out of their barrels so close together will affect eachother in flight so you'll end up with less accuracy than a standard single barrel .45.

That would be in addition to the huge weight and recoil.

this is just a movie prop surely?


I am appalled that you have even featured this object of destruction. Handguns have no other purpose than to shoot people. Fan bloody tastic - some idiot has invented one that can kill twice as many at once - evolutionary progress?? Think again....

Kathy Munro

This will be a wonderful tool for school shootings....america is sick.

Jeff Rogers

I've got a better idea - how about one barrel less rather than one barrel more. Then no one gets hurt.


"It's been a popular design for shotguns for over a century, so why not handguns?"

Because of something called physics. Shotguns fire groups of inaccurate pellets for short-range effect, not single ballistic aerodynamic bullets.

Obviously a novelty that has no use whatsoever except being in a show-case in a guy's house who doesn't know how to use it.

Samer Helmy

@VoiceofReason. Perhaps Para should learn to make guns that don't cause their clips to fall out of the gun first.

Rocky Stefano

Wonderful, another great stride for mankind. Another f**king tool to kill people.


Well, of all the silly ideas I've so far seen, this just about takes the cake.

Mark Eastaugh

Or, you could get the Metal Storm Handgun (still prototype though). It fires three bullets, at once, out of the same barrel, before you get the "Kick" or "Recoil". It doesn't use and mechanical parts, meaning it doesn't Jam. It uses an electronic firing system (which is how it can fire so quickly).

Andy Estabrook

Assuming that when you shoot a feral animal (dog, cat, horse, or hopped up meth head) you want it to DRT* this is the type of weapon you want if you can't have a machine gun because hitting it with two bullets nearly simultaneously does far more damage to the target than two individually fired bullets.

In an article I read on the Beretta 93R they compared the effect of the three shot burst to nine individually fired shots.

I want one.


A nice study in design but almost no one pulls both Db shotgun triggers at once so why would you want to have to aim two feet low with this baby in order to be anywhere near the target after recoil, ballistics, grip design and overall weight are taken into account.

I would have gone with a single high caliber projectile that splits into 2 or more aerodynamic (non-tumbling) parts to provide tight grouping at 50 feet. I would also load alternating rounds )one multi-part round followed by one traditional round etc. Net effect: better accuracy, less weight and more room for useful options like RFID-tag firing security.


The solution is high performance airsoft pistols, may include CO2 cannister based, with dense metal balls. This will be the evolution away from the handgun, while still being accurate and powerful.

Dawar Saify

Slowburn....check out the selective fire CZ-75 machine pistol. It uses an upside down magazine for a forward grip. I'd prefer that instead of the overrated open slide style Berettas.

To Risso, ACW, Kathy, and Jeff....getting rid of the guns won't help. It's only a tool. Take it away and the bad guys will always find something else to use. A car, a nail gun, a simple sword. Didn't England try and ban the thick pub mugs for beer? Get a clue, stop banning the tools. It well never work.

Rocky....hadn't heard of that, but a magazine fix is easier than working with this nightmarish collection of parts. From a machining standpoint, it's cool. Practically, it's a really bad idea. A simple double stack pistol is MUCH easier to fire. The guy they had firing the pistol was having a hard time holding on and taking a very long time to get back on target.


And this is useful how? Though not a gun fanatic I use them and can't help but see this as a gimic.

Max Kennedy

Nice movie prop. So instead of one not desperately reliable 45 now we have two? And this is good. The rhetoric is a bit disingenuous though. Why would it take 30 seconds to fire 30 9mms? Even a decent amateur with 10 round mags can do that in 15 seconds, search youtube for 9mm speed shooting. Why would you need to change magazines twice in a 9mm? Even a Beretta 92 holds 15 rounds in a magazine. But then so does a Glock 20, but then that's 650+ 10mm rounds from a gun that will work come hell or high water, not as much mass in a 180gr 10mm as a 230gr 45ACP, but going a lot faster. Still, this is an interesting device and will sit alongside the 44 Automag and other interesting but flawed designs. If I had the money I'd buy one.

Chris Hann

Note, too, that he requires heavy gloves to fire the bloody thing(s). And what a weight to have to carry, along with spare mags. My ParaOrd P-13 and two loaded spare extended clips weigh almost exactly 5 lbs. That's more than enough to carry around. This thing is pretty silly. As for the lady who commented on "the only reason.....", I've carried mine for many years, had a ball at the range and have never had to harm anyone. If it's needed, however, it's nice to know that I can kill someone who is trying to kill me. Or isn't that fair?


@ Kathy Munro, Jeff Rogers and Risso. Intelligent people know this is just a novelty so simmer down. People kill people, don't blame the weapon. If you are really appalled with this then I suggest you don't visit the "Military" section of this website.


In the words of the great AMERICAN Archie Bunker on the percentage of people killed by handguns “Would it make you feel any better little girl if they were pushed outta windows?”… the violence of mankind cannot be blamed on the existence of a weapon… they chop people up with Machete’s in third world countries… should we outlaw sharpened steel? I think every home in the world should be required to have a loaded handgun in it (Secured of course with a trained individual capable of using it) How many criminals would break into homes if they knew there was a loaded 45 on the other side of the door…Hmmmm?


Thanks for letting us know Gizmag that there is yet another way of killing a fellow human being with even more power. I guess americans are still really scared of each other and need this kind of firepower to protect themselves. Here in Canada we don't alow people to carry hand guns and we make it extremely difficult to purchase one - we also get on pretty well with each other so need to bring out handguns to solve an argument. We just use sarcasm.......


After hearing about Jewish children being murdered in France and the seeming vigilante killing of an unarmed teenager in Sanford, Florida, it's really difficult to engender much enthusiasm for new ways for idiot psychopaths to carry out their idiotic, psychopathic delusions.

Be safe.

C. Walker Walker

I think its bad arse cool! Although I would never carry one. Looks like a bear to carry. But it would be nice for home defense.

Joe Sobotka

So, how does this gun skirt around the extended magazine laws that are in place in many states?


I am amazed at the ignorance of a lot of people posting comments here. Sure guns can be used to kill people but so can knives, rat poison, etc. So many things can be used to kill people but that does not make them inherently evil. Evil people are going to do evil things whether or not it is legal to own guns. My kids love to go target shooting with me and I have taught both of my kids the values and the dangers of fire arms. Sure, I hope to God I would never have to use my guns for self defense or to defend my family but I am glad I live in a country that gives me the freedom to have one if I need it. If you do not want to own a gun, fine, but be glad there are people out there who do and would be willing to defend YOU if you were being attacked.


How stupid can a person be to think guns are causing death. It's not the guns, it's the gun owners. Over 90% of deaths by guns, are by illegally obtained, unregistered guns. Without guns in civilian hands, the government would be able to control us a lot easier. Do not vote against the right to have a gun, just because you are to scared, or irresponsible to own one yourself.


This gun would make mincemeat of anything it hits. Two large-caliber hollow point bullets hitting an inch apart would cause severe damage. Much more severe than two bullets hitting at separate moments, even if less than a second apart.

Dave Andrews

Chris Hann...want to backup that statement on not desperately reliable? The 1911A1 has been in use and continues to be in use with MANY top law enforcement and military units around the world. It's a century old now and show no sign of slowing down.

Back when the Beretta was pushing into US Military Service, that had two separate trials. The first one, the 1911 was included and still beat all comers. It was excluded from the second trial.

FBI Hostage Rescue out of Quantico carry the 1911. Texas Rangers carry the 1911. LA County SWAT carry the 1911 as well as LAPD. Marine "special" units carry the 1911....

12 more pages of agencies that use or authorized use of the incredible 1911A1.


To everyone talking about this thing being a movie prop: ever seen the new Green Hornet movie (the one with Seth Rogen)? Its not the same gun used in the movie but pretty close. Anyhow, this thing looks way too bulky to really be practical.

Forward Thinker

Most law enforcement can't hit their targets as it is - and you want to give them more stray shots!


hello. as a pocket shotgun, this with a pellet load would be fun spraying birds or squirrels, and it may offer a nonlethal deterrent to humans (being close-range pellet stung).


And this is a good thing?


to Jeff Rogers: The merest suggestion like that is a surer sign of sickness. Human beings are born the most helpless of animals on the face of the Earth - We have no fur, no claws, no fangs, no scales, weak sight, weak hearing and a weak sense of smell. We only have the tools we create to defend ourselves, and without them we are totally vulnerable and easily dispatched.

Timothy Neill

A bad idea. Way too bulky. So it fires 2 rounds with each pull of the trigger. That only means something if your aim is true. Otherwise 2 lethal bullets going downrange. What if one side stovepipes? Or fails to fire? Does other side still cycle? A jam clearing drill could involve dropping 2 magazines, clearing 2 chambers, catching 2 rounds, reseating 2 magazines, etc.


I'll keep my Taurus Judge. 3 slugs+12 BBs in each round/ 5rounds. Make my day, VA has codified "castle rule" removing civil lawsuit too.

Richard D. McDowell

None of the comments I've read have anything to do with true ballistics. Two bullets at once versus two well placed, consecutive shots are an interesting ponderance. But my FNP-45 holds 15 rounds in one doublestacked MAGAZINE (not a clip) and 16 with one in the chamber. If 16 .45 caliber rounds don't tell the offender to go away, you're in a situation that you probably won't live to learn from. On another note, if you live in an area where there are magazine restrictions, you already suck for living there, and your opinion is void as far as I am concerned. If you live your life to whipped by the media to know what a weapon is really used for... I can't even finish that statement here. A 1911 can be a very reliable weapon, with very complex workings that are easy to manipulate. I see some problems compouded by doubling the capacity, let alone doubling the platform. Also, handguns are sidearms. They were made as a fall back for if your PRIMARY weapon malfunctions (not jams), or to get you to your primary weapon. I wouldn't carry a pistol if my primary rifle wouldn't scare the crap out the general populace. In this regard only, I wish I lived in Isreal, where the people have a true sence of SELF PRESERVATION, which does not include the Hollywood garbage that seems to be coming out of arsenals lately.

@ChgoSTrider You're right on with those considerations!

WD Darrius

re; donwine

I'll bet you don't do any better when your life is on the line. ........................................................................................................................

It might work better if you put the double barrel on a Broomhandle Mauser


"I am appalled that you have even featured this object of destruction. Handguns have no other purpose than to shoot people. Fan bloody tastic - some idiot has invented one that can kill twice as many at once - evolutionary progress?? Think again.... " Obviously, not a fan of the second amendment, the stupidity of a gun like this when there are other better ones available, notwithstanding. "I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know".

Tom Sobieski

Regardless of the functionality, practicality, and morality, this was the most rediculous promotional video for a firearm I've ever seen. A pointlessly ethereal choir suitable for announcing the second coming of Jabba The Hut, followed by Mr. Marblemouth and his mumbling monologue.

Charles Slavens

@ Max Kennedy – Why does something have to be useful. Just enjoy it for the clever engineering.

As for the folks that are complaining that “Gun’s kill people”, just remember that people were being killed long before guns were invented. Using everything from rocks to wooden clubs to spears and swords to name a few things.

Also no one is forcing you to go out and buy one of these items. As for me, well to me, my life and my loved ones lives are as precious to me as anyone else’s. If some nut job is coming at me or mine to kill me then they get exactly what they deserve.


well, if you missed the target then you lost TWO bullets at once...!

Natalia Tjahjono

Will there now be a 2 for 1 special on bullets?


What would be even cooler is firing out of alternate barrels from a single magazine. :)

Gregg Eshelman

A summary of the comments of the weapons experts above is that this weapon is a gimmick produced to sell to those who wish to look cool and dangerous.

Its main market is surely criminals and gangs wishing to impress other criminals and gangs with their dangerous looking weapons.

As it is not a technically effective product, the the producer should be prosecuted for making weapons specifically to sell to criminals for use in illegal activity.

Dirk Scott

Taking into all the comments...JMOdom, Tom Sobieski etc etc You have all missed out on the point that this is a weapon for Amateurs who want to go out (fishing/hiking) in the sticks and not get eaten by something on 4 legs. Lets's face it, when a large predator is incoming fast on you and you are scared out of your Y-fronts with no time to think let alone aim properly then this is the kind of arsenal I would want in my hands. This would make BBQ out of a Grizzly without much target range experience. Having conducted much research in muzzle stabilizers in the past, I found out that anything near to the muzzle would deflect the bullet on exit and is subject to vortices and venturi effect. Even 2x 12bore slugs fired simultaneously had an effect on accuracy......mommus, you are correct there, so a rapid fire session from this weapon by a Novice would seriously destroy any Maneater even if only half the ammo hit the target. Problem is you would need to carry a truckload of ammo if you needed it more than a couple of times in one trip.


I don't think this will be a weapon of choice for the criminal. The guns now are too heavy to carry in their baggy pants!



Have you ever heard of a school shooting in south Korea, Japan, or any other country that bans civilians from owning firearms? Probably not. But America? You cannot deny that access to firearms in America does increase the possibility of a massacre by firearms. It's hard to kill dozens of people with a knife or other melee weapons, but comparatively easier with automatic- semiauto- guns.

bio-power jeff

It is obvious that the author is, shall we say, "Less than familiar" with firearms in general and the history of the Colt 1911 in particular. Firstly, double barrel arms, including shotguns have been around for far longer that about a hundred years. Secondly, the Colt Pistol, Model 1911, caliber .45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP), was adopted by the United States in guess what year? Yes, my dear Horatio's', seven years before our involvement in WW I, not WW II. It was replace by the Beretta Model 92 in 9mm Parabellum, sometime in the '80's. However, it is being seriously considered for reintroduction as the .45 ACP is a much more reliable man stopper (note I did not say man killer) than the 9 mil. [See General Julian Hatcher's studies regarding effectiveness.]

As far as this particular weapon is concerned, I think it's the product of some ad agency's idea of a dream toy. (After all, "Image Is Everything" to an "Ad Man".) Fired in the single barrel mode, it does make a certain amount of sense though, as you'd have to reload it half as often, thereby saving you precious seconds if you're being rushed by multiple targets (ever been hunting/hiking/whatevering in a National Forest/Park or on BLM land out west in the last twenty or so years? They're being over run by "Urban Agronomists" and their foreign national guardians. Or, in an urban environment, try crossing an SEIU picket Walmart line or passing through an OWS "Peaceful" Protest Demonstration sometime.)

Myron J. Poltroonian

Seems... impractical. What if you want to fire just 1 round?


While I agree that this thing is ridiculous and there isn't a need for it, besides to say "look at what I have", let's all remember that guns don't just get up and decide to shoot a person. People, bad people in particular, are doing the work. As a law abiding citizen and responsible firearms owner, pistols aren't just shooting people, target shooting and hunting are uses as well.


Another vote for the Para 14 45acp here. I wonder what the ejection congestion looks like!!!not to mention that NO INTERCHANGE of PARTS with any other 1911! whoo hoo. that's gotta be a dead in the water issue even to the guy who wants novelty over rationality. And a rig to carry it? right, get working on that one....soon as we have 2 orders.....u-hu!

ACTUALLY, I can think of a rational 2 shot SxS pistol. It would be a howdah front loader in something like 12 g or such bore...

Walt Stawicki

No thanks, I'll stick with my 40 cal Glock 22.

Paul Galt

It looks ridiculous, probably shoots badly, and handguns in particular are a bad idea. It will probably have a short production run. And in 20 years they will probably be huge collectors' items, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Mark in SB

Not a good idea. You are shooting 2 .45 cal bullets at the same time. some people can barely shoot 1 .45 cal bullet at a time.

Aaron Hermanson

This is one invention that I believe should never have been created. One reason is because American society has enough problems with firearms already, and most of those problems have to do with the use of handguns. Another is that this weapon is simply impractical. There is no reasonable explanation to owning, or even wanting, one of these weapons unless you are a collector. Even then the owner has no practical use for other than to set it in a display case or something along those lines. It is too bulky to be carried in public safely, and it would probably cause unrest if it was spotted.


Sounds like the voice of reason is not gone but is completely unintelligible. For those of you complaining about this gun and "another way to kill people" it might interest you to know that approximately 29K people are killed by guns every year. These are broad statistics on gun related deaths with no indication on how many were criminally related. In other words, this statistic also does not differentiate between how many people were victims vs. how many were victimizers that were dispatched. Every year approximately 30K people are killed by obesity. That’s right… overeating kills more people than guns. Every year approximately 45K people are killed in car accidents. So basically combining these only these three statistics and categories together says 3 out of 4 people are killed by cars and overeating and only 1 in 4 by guns. What does you think it mean when you combine the criminals vs. innocents? Now where is your outrage? Do you own a car? Unless you are Amish you probably do. Are you going to get rid of it now? Are you going to protest this manmade instrument of death when the new models come out every year? Are you going to protest Twinkies? Guns are only used for evil purposes by intent. We have NO amendments regarding the rights of man to drive cars however, the one thing that has continuously ensured we are able to maintain our freedoms and liberty by making the playing field even, you want to whine and complain about? Let me tell you, when four guys knock down your door carrying weapons because they think the things you own would look better in their homes then perhaps you'll think a little differently. You will quickly learn that you and your family's life means NOTHING to them and you will wish you had more than harsh words and opinions to hurl at them. If you really want to be angry about something, perhaps you should focus on Hollywood. It is their stupid movies that have swayed the world opinions against both Americans and our guns. In the name of entertainment, they paint us all to be mindless killing machines that use guns to kill everyone that has ever died. They paint a picture that one American with one magazine of ammo will (and can) kill more people than cancer. Not only does the rest of the world buy into it but they tell the stories in the movies as if it really happened and they witnessed it. However, if you’re going to complain about this gun, choose a real reason, like it is dumb! It is a silly gun! Complain because even though somebody will probably make a holster for it, it would take a VERY special physique to carry it. As far as protection in the home, I would much rather take my chances with my G17 and my 33 round magazine to clear my home rather than this ghastly aberration of a gun. A descent 1911 is approximately 1K and is a fine weapon, this this is probably more than double… and to shoot it… I wouldn’t want to be on either end of it.


recoil must be bad. a smaller caliber like .22 or 9mm might be better

Vincent Maldia

Whats the point of having 2 bullets shot at once. if it has to miss, it'l miss, if it has to hit it'l hit.

Rishabh Sharma

I will stick with my bullpup 12 gauge shotgun. Nothing beats a shotgun for home defense!

Mick Pletcher

This thing is not made to work on flesh but to make really big impact on minds. As a tool for intimidation and to boost confidence it would work excellently. As a gun i suppose it is horrible.

Conny Söre

well it looks impressive but personally I'd like to see what it can do to a target

Skylar Patterson

If only the cops had one of these when the Kray twins were around


The shotgun comparison is interesting, and invalidates the logic behind this 'toy'.

We had double barrel shotguns (and rifles) before anyone came up with repeaters.

The two barrels were fired consecutively ... ie a backup or second shot before needing to reload. When the pumps and autos came along, they of course only had one barrel, but three or four or five 'backup shells' in the magazine.

With a multi-shot automatic in my hand, I'd rather choose how and when I expended my backup shots, and I don't think getting hit with two .45 slugs at once or a half second apart makes very much difference at all.

So, really just a gimmick, and rather crudely executed.

Mark Eastaugh
A shotgun is not perfect for home defence. Your ears are in the equation and blowing out walls is not what defense is all about. Most big bang guns are not the right choice either. A .38 can do the job all day long if a person can really shoot. Although so creep high on Angel Dust may keep coming when shot with many small rounds that is far from true of burglars and more common types of people. Very few would want to keep coming with even a 22 long is their gut, chest, head or even in their foot. Think of it like this. You are in a fist fight and you gouge a guy's eye to where it either bursts or is hanging my a nerve. Very few people will not realize that they are in agony and now have only one eye. To you that means the offender could easily be blind for life if he keeps coming at you. In war people keep coming. Street trash isn't like that. Jim Sadler

This is for the Liberal voices. First; People will try to kill each other. It is human nature and cant be legislated out of us. Second; Once something is invented, it cant be uninvented. Third; There is a segment of the population that will refuse to follow rule of law. Fourth; when you disarm the people through laws, you only disarm the law abiding people (remember third, above?). Now, put this together with a bit of logic and common sense and you will see why gun control can never achieve its stated goal; The criminals will always have access to arms and the law abiding citizens will obey the laws and become victims. Now as far as their actual goals, most of us understand what that is all about....

Tim Johnson

Can it be fired accurately by an experienced normal sized hand pistol shot?

At first look the answer is no. It appears to be twice the width of a 1911A1 which is just barely grip able by the average male and large handed female.

It appears to be a weapon that must be fired two handed.

How does it group off a sandbag?

The stopping power of two 45 slugs that miss the target is precisely ZERO.


So wouldn't it make a lot more sense to stagger the firing of each round slightly to spread out the recoil slightly?

Alex Aricci

This would be a good zombie killer.

Joe Tuason

James Bond adds his silencers and is able to take out two border patrol guards conversing during a cigarette break ?


Is there a price and a release date? I want one or two of these.

Michael M.

It's Kaos' new devilish weapon, the Stereophonic Pistol, from Get Smart S4Ep16 of 1969... will this one also turn out to be an FM radio? You just can't trust those Asian manufacturers to get it right ;)


This gun is NOTHING. Give me a Glock 17 with its 300 round magazine any day.


I like guns but even I seriously doubt this thing will ever amount to anything more than a novelty item because it's not practical and is just plain stupid. As for those who can't handle guns in any form, get over it because they aren't going away.


This is going to be a burden weapon... 1) The double barrel pistol eats way too much ammo if use wrong. 2) You have no triple site on the pistol, so you have some what a inaccurate gun if you want to use just one side of the pistol, since it does have double trigger for each barrel. 3) It's going to be heavier then your usual pistol. 4) The recoil is possibly going to be ridiculous to some shooters. 5) I would choose my Beretta 9mm over this any day.


Where to start? Well, to begin with I agree that it appears there are people posting here that seem to know almost nothing about guns and even less about 1911s. It happens that I collect 1911 pistols, and I have more of them than me and my Great Aunt Tillie have fingers and toes. And I have an Arsenal 2011A1 (yes, one of those double=barreled monstrosities) on order. I don’t think that makes me a fool or an incompetent gun handler. Do I plan to carry it (if I’m not mistaken, Arsenal does offer a holster for it) or to ever fire a shot in anger with it? Certainly not! So why on earth do I want one? I want one for the collector’s value, for one thing. The fewer that are sold, the better I’ll like it. I also want one for the sheer pleasure of owning and occasionally using it. I imagine those must be exactly the same reasons Jay Leno bought a Stanley Steamer for his famous automobile collection. There are no evil guns. This gun nor any other gun is evil, and having a gun doesn’t make me evil; nor does it make me any more likely to shoot someone. I do think there is such a thing as evil people, and those people kill more folks with clubs and hammers each year than are killed with guns. So I will respectfully request that the hand-wringing gun-haters spare the rest of us all those histrionics and acquaint themselves with the facts. This gun is not, in my opinion, likely to be anywhere near as unmanageable as some of you seem to assume. As to recoil, while it is true that you’ll be firing two 230-grain bullets simultaneously, it is also true that the pistol weighs a little over 4 pounds. A full sized (5” barrel) single 1911 weighs a shade under 2.5 pounds. So the gun that will be firing those two simultaneous rounds will posses almost twice the mass as a single 1911 firing a single .45ACP 230-grain slug. Physics dictates, then, that the recoil will be little different; and it may even be less than a single Officer-sized (3” barrel) 1911. As to the size of the frame and grip, a typical 1911 (Ruger SR1911) grip frame is 1.34” wide. The Arsenal 2011A1 grip frame is 1.968” wide. The Para-ordinance P14-45 that I own is somewhere between the two. So the grip on the Arsenal 2011A1 will feel a little fat, but with fair-sized hands and a decent grip and wrist strength it should be completely manageable. Now, if I didn’t like guns, or couldn’t handle a single-barreled 1911, or couldn’t afford one of these double-barreled wonders, I might grumpily declare it to be an ill-conceived gimmick, too. But I do like them, can handle them and can afford it and I managed to get an order placed. In fact, as soon as the check that is in the mail even as I write this is received, it will ship to my favorite dealer. AND I CAN’T WAIT!


Well, lets make one barrel clockwise and the other barrel counterclockwise = reduced torque effect. Make the center of mass the same as the center of recoil/gravity so recoil is directionally neutral. This means a different grip, but the improved stability brought by both these methods may well increase accuracy. Also make a .38 and .22 version, with a larger magazine size because 2 at once uses it faster

Bill Jackson

I would gladly give up my guns if I could have a better weapon for defense

Matthew Balogh

Wow! A solution to a non existent problem and an answer to a question no one thought to ask all in one ridiculous package!

David Earnest

If you don't like guns, don't buy one. And you need to: 1. Learn about the history of what happens when a country's citizens are disarmed. (Hint: It's not good) 2. Check the crime rate statistics of the countries where guns have been banned and confiscated [For example: UK, Australia, Canada, etc.]. (Hint: Home and personal thefts have increased significantly, violent personal assault has also increased) Don't believe me? Check it out. Besides, what makes those of you who aren't US citizens think you have any right to decide or judge whether or not we should have guns, use guns, buy guns, collect guns, based on YOUR opinion, YOUR ideas, etc? The fact is, you DON'T! WE decide! If we want to just own one, just because we want one and what we do with it within the laws of our country, THAT IS OUR BUSINESS, not yours! And yes, guns ARE designed to kill, what do you think they were originally invented for? Just to scare an enemy, assailant, or home intruder as a big noise maker? No one who is sane, would want or enjoy harming another human being, but if it was a bad guy verses me and my family, the bad guy is going down, because by threatening me or my family they have forfeited their own right to life and safety. And I would make no apologies in such a case. I think this weapon is very interesting and I would consider owning one, if given the opportunity.

Don From Wyoming
To those that object to this firearm, talk is cheap. Use the single most powerful tool at your disposal - don't buy one. Production takes money and sales provides the money. I, on the other hand, will spend my hard-earned money however I damned well please. Life IS just that simple. Noel K Frothingham
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