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The Periodic Coffee Table

This one will certainly be a conversation starter at your next Trivial Pursuit party. Crafted from burred oak, the Periodic Coffee Table contains actual samples of elements, displayed and illuminated beneath a sheet of toughened glass with each individually embedded inside a solid acrylic block.  Read More

Aquasolo watering system

While you’re on holidays your plants need not suffer with this self-watering system from Aquasolo. The patented device enables users to water plants for long periods, using just a bottle of water and the Aquasolo system.  Read More

Kreative Power POWRAMID E-Series

This conical-shaped power strip from Kreative Power not only protects your electronics from power surges, but also stops your cords from getting into a tangled mess. Unlike conventional power strips and bulky circular multi- outlet designs, POWRAMID is a space-saving device with six widely-spaced outlets that can accommodate large-size plugs.  Read More

LG Digital Photo Frame and DVD Player (DP392G)

LG Electronics has unveiled a new media device coupling a digital photo frame with portable DVD capabilities. The Digital Photo Frame and DVD Player (DP392G) is a single unit image and video display aimed at those seeking an easy way of loading their photos onto a digital photo display.  Read More

Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond

With a name suggesting it could conquer all, the Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond is a sewing and embroidery machine for high-end sewing enthusiasts. According to Husqvarna Viking, it offers the largest and brightest, interactive VGA touch screen available in the sewing industry.  Read More

LunaBlocks modular building block sofa

Remember how much fun you had playing with blocks when you were a kid? Lunatic Construction's LunaBlocks are giant-sized building blocks which make pieces of modular furniture for grown-ups.  Read More

BlueLounge CableBox organizer

The age of wireless electrical power could still be some way off, so until then there's still room for simple solutions that cover-up the unsightly entrails of home electrical devices. Bluelounge has added to its range of organizing solutions with the CableBox, a neat hide-away for power-strips and electrical cables.  Read More

Electrolux Sunny solar water front loader

Hot water use in washing machines in a big component of household energy use. One solution is to simply wash in cold water, but a new new front loader from Electrolux caters for another option by facilitating the use of water heated by solar energy so you can wash in hot water without turning on the heating element.  Read More

Digital Pot turns your plants into pets

It’s not as attractive as classic terracotta, but this 21st century pot plant could be big news for the sad looking greenery in the corner of your office or apartment. We spotted the high-tech “Digital Pot” over at Yanko Design and were attracted to its tamagotchi-esque qualities that could see “pet plants” become a new craze.  Read More

Laddersmart safety devce

In the UK alone an average of 14 deaths and 1200 major injuries* are suffered by workers each year in accidents involving ladders and stepladders. The Laddersmart safety device is designed to help combat this ongoing problem in relation to rooftop access, locking the top of the ladder firmly into place and protecting the gutter at the same time.  Read More

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