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Haven puts a fire sensor and extinguisher in your ceiling

A fire-suppression system that automatically detects a fire and then releases a non-toxic suppressant could help alleviate the thousands of cooking fires identified as the leading cause of home fires in the US and elsewhere. Unlike other automatic systems that rely on water, toxic suppressants or aerosols, the Haven system uses a dry chemical suppressant that is automatically triggered when it detects heat of 135º F (57º C) rather than smoke.Read More

Eco-friendly LED lamp brightens without batteries or plugs

LED lighting has widespread appeal due to energy-efficient output and low cost of manufacturing. Companies are now adding features such as sensors, wireless connectivity, adjustable color, or even built-in speakers into the mix, but this LED lamp takes a different approach by removing a critical component. The Lumir C is designed without any external power supply, instead operating off of a single candle.Read More

Amazon Dash is now live, automatically reorders household supplies

The days of having to log onto your computer or smart phone, navigate to the proper site, and click "purchase" are over, not to mention the quaint notion of visiting an actual store. Your smart appliances can now handle the exhausting task of shopping for you. With Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service, connected devices in your home or office automatically reorder from Amazon when supplies run low.Read More

Droppler monitors water usage, doubles as camera and speaker

Many parts of the world are facing unprecedented shortages of water. A design team based in drought-ridden California has come up with a new concept to help people consume less water. Droppler does not require complicated installation of hardware. Instead, it taps into the human mind to trigger behavioral change.Read More


Review: Turcom Cyberview Mini provides security, but with limitations

As the range of wireless home security systems broadens, the choices offered range from elaborate information centers that monitor the local environment to simple cameras designed for economy and ease of use. One example of the latter is the Turcom Cyberview Mini, which is a plug-and-play camera with an emphasis on fast setup and expandability. We plugged one in to see what it could do.Read More

Sevenhugs remote offers point-n-click control of the smart home

As great as the smartphone is, it's not always the perfect tool, especially in the smart home. Once you start piling up numerous smart devices and the tangled array of apps that go with them, the smartphone becomes ... kind of dumb. Apps like Wink can help streamline that clutter, but French startup Sevenhugs believes the solution lies in better hardware. It ditches the smartphone completely in favor of a remote that finds the sweet spot between old fashioned clicker and touch-based mobile.
Read More

Ripple Maker can put your face in your coffee

It's kinda nice when baristas draw little things like hearts or leaves in the foam on your cappuccino. There's a chance, however, that those designs may be going the way of cave paintings. That's because Israeli startup Steam CC recently introduced its Ripple Maker, a machine that reproduces photos, text or other graphics on coffee foam.Read More


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