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Review: Coming clean on the Neato Robotics Botvac D80 robot vacuum

It seems that each week brings exciting news from the world of robotics. From solving Rubik's Cubes to maritime swarming and filling potholes, modern robots can do some pretty incredible things. But if you're looking for robotic assistance around the home, there are quite a few designed to keep the floors clean to choose from. We spent the past few weeks letting the Botvac D80 do most all of the vacuuming work for us, just from programming a simple schedule.Read More

ZappLight bulb turns ordinary lamps into bug-killers

Thanks to the Zika virus, mosquitoes are back in the news and as feared as ever. While getting a dedicated bug-zapping light could help keep the little beasts at bay, not everyone wants to bother buying such a device. Well, that's why the ZappLight was created. It's an LED light bulb that goes into a regular socket, and it reportedly kills mozzies.Read More

AirVisual Node helps users freshen up

Despite the impact it can have on our health, we rarely monitor the quality of air that we are breathing. The new AirVisual Node keeps tabs on both indoor and outdoor air quality. It also provides recommendations to help improve the wellbeing of its users.Read More

TheOUTlet pops the need for power strips

The proliferation of electrical devices means that plug sockets are in increasing demand. Socket splitters and power strips can be used to solve this problem, but can be bulky and unsightly. An innovative socket design called theOUTlet, however, provides more socket space at the push of a button.Read More

Haven puts a fire sensor and extinguisher in your ceiling

A fire-suppression system that automatically detects a fire and then releases a non-toxic suppressant could help alleviate the thousands of cooking fires identified as the leading cause of home fires in the US and elsewhere. Unlike other automatic systems that rely on water, toxic suppressants or aerosols, the Haven system uses a dry chemical suppressant that is automatically triggered when it detects heat of 135º F (57º C) rather than smoke.Read More

Eco-friendly LED lamp brightens without batteries or plugs

LED lighting has widespread appeal due to energy-efficient output and low cost of manufacturing. Companies are now adding features such as sensors, wireless connectivity, adjustable color, or even built-in speakers into the mix, but this LED lamp takes a different approach by removing a critical component. The Lumir C is designed without any external power supply, instead operating off of a single candle.Read More


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