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EverBlock: Supersized Lego for modular building

New York City-based entrepreneur, investor, and perennial tinkerer Arnon Rosan drew inspiration from everyone's favorite construction toy to create a modular building system. Functioning very much like supersized Lego, EverBlock is promoted as suitable for building modular furniture, dividing walls, and even a habitable shelter – no glue, or specialist tools required.Read More

Spider clock pays homage to modern art icon

The work of one of the most famous and lasting names from the Modern Art movement was the inspiration for two Swiss companies to come together on a high-end clock collaboration. Called Arachnophobia, the timepiece references the Maman, a spider sculpture created by the iconic artist Louise Bourgeois.Read More

Neato's robot vacuum cleaner joins the Internet of Things

We first came across Neato Robotics' XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner at CES 2010, and the company has been rolling out additions to its lineup ever since, introducing the "pet-strength" XV-21 in 2012, its Signature Series in 2013 and the Botvac line in 2014. At IFA, Neato is showing the latest dust-sucker to join its Botvac team. The Botvac Connected, as the name suggests, packs Wi-Fi connectivity for control from a user's smartphone.Read More

Snooz sound helps you sleep sound

Have you ever found that the sound of a fan has helped you drift off to sleep? Well a new device is inspired by just that phenomenon. The Snooz is described as an "an ultra-portable sound conditioner." It sits next to your bed and contains a controllable fan aimed at blocking out background noise.Read More

Myfox security camera keeps watch on your home, respects your privacy

If you only want your home security camera to keep vigil on your home while you're away, and not watch you while you're there, you could just disable it when you walk through the door. But there's always a danger of forgetting to turn it back on before you go out again. The Myfox Security Camera features a mechanical privacy shutter that can be opened or closed remotely using an app running on an iOS or Android smartphone. Read More

Orison Energy's home batteries could make it cheaper to power your appliances

The laws of supply and demand – maybe with a pinch of capitalism – generally dictate how much homes and businesses might spend per month on power. As such, consumers can expect to pay a premium for running heating or cooling systems during peak energy-usage times on cold or hot days. Orison Energy is preparing to help break this cycle with a pair of home batteries. The Orison Tower and Orison Panel charge up when utility rates are low and provide power when the rates are high.Read More

BEEcosystem creators looking to create a buzz about bees

Honeybees play a crucial role in pollinating crops, but colonies are in trouble. Earlier this year, the Bee Informed Partnership reported a 23.1 percent loss of US managed honeybee colonies in the 2014/15 winter season. Though that's down from the previous year, the total annual loss rose to a staggering 42.1 percent. The BEEcosystem observation hive has been designed to help combat falling bee numbers by encouraging people to take up beekeeping and get educated about bees.Read More


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