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Imperiali Genève's Emperador puts cardboard cigar boxes to shame

Most cigar boxes are cheap cardboard affairs that are useful for keeping bits and pieces in or turning into an inexpensive guitar. Definitely not in the homespun musical category is the Emperador cigar chest from Imperiali Genève. This is a high-tech container that holds two dozen bespoke cigars and clocks in at a cool one million Swiss francs (US$1,048,000) – making this both one of the most expensive and technologically advanced cigar boxes in history.Read More

Smartphone-controlled mug keeps coffee at the perfect temperature for longer

That small window where a freshly brewed coffee is at the perfect temperature can close pretty quickly sometimes, particularly if you're distracted by other tasks during your morning routine. California-based Ember Technologies has developed a connected coffee mug that is claimed to keep your beverage hotter for longer, with users able to set the temperature through a companion smartphone app or a twist of the mug's base.Read More


Review: Ezviz Mini cloud-based wireless camera for home security on a budget

Whether it's for peace of mind while on holiday or to keep an eye on an elderly relative, security cameras are finding their way into more and more homes. Part of the reason for this increased popularity is the drop in price and ease of use and installation offered by an increasing number of systems. Looking to join this increasingly crowded marketplace is the new Ezviz Mini cloud-based, Wi-Fi camera that we recently got hold of and put on patrol.

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Toaster-sized Evapolar cools, humidifies and purifies the air

Most so-called portable air conditioners stretch the definition of "portable," but the Evapolar isn't one of them. In a form factor about the same size and weight as a small toaster, the unit packs an evaporative cooling system to cool and humidify the air, while an evaporative nanomaterial based on basalt fibers that was developed for the Russian military helps purify the air.

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Baselift raises your kitchen to new levels

Have you ever wondered how the height of kitchen units is determined? It is, of course, by ergonomic average, which, though logical, means they can end up being the wrong height for many people. The new Baselift device lets you raise or lower kitchen units to suit your height.Read More

Fast-drying toilet brush keeps your crapper looking dapper

Inventor Garry Stewart is sick of your crap. He believes it's time to ditch dripping plastic toilet brush bristles and he's invented a new weapon for taking the battle to the porcelain throne. The LooBlade instead uses a smooth silicone head designed to cut down on cleaning time and leave most of the mess in the can where it belongs.Read More


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