The Bride: Basra's ambitious vertical city to become world's tallest building

Basra, Iraq, is known as "the bride of the gulf" after its life-supporting fertile lands, and building vertically is one way to protect those lands. The planned Bride vertical city does just that. Covering 1,550,000 sq m and rising to a world record height of 1,152 m (3,789 ft), this vertical city designed by British-Iraqi architectural firm AMBS will have its own own neighborhoods, schools, clinics and transport system.Read More

Green Magic Homes kit lets you assemble your own house – and then bury it

Ever since the first Lord of the Rings movie came out, people have been fascinated with the concept of having their own "hobbit home" – a quaint, vaulted house that sits beneath a covering of soil and vegetation. Building your own from scratch, however, could be rather challenging. That's why Green Magic Homes is now offering prefabricated hobbit-like modular structures, that can be joined up to match buyers' specifications. After that, you just add dirt and plants.Read More

Offices with Terraces lets a little outside in

Perhaps heading to work each morning would be less of a drag if the destination wasn't a soulless office building. The Offices With Terraces project, by Nicolas Laisné Associés (NL*A Paris) features plenty of greenery and natural light, offices that open onto small terraces, and corridors that have been moved to the outer edge of the building.

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Floating hotel planned for the city of romance

French architectural firm Seine Design is currently working on constructing a floating hotel in Paris, which is set to launch in the first quarter of 2016. Dubbed "OFF Paris Seine", the floating river hotel will feature 58 guests rooms, a scenic guest lounge with open views over the river, a 10 meter (32.8 ft) lap pool, an onboard restaurant and a 400 square meter (4,305 sq ft) outdoor terrace.Read More

LM Gateway: Two towers, two bridges, one crazy project

It looks, at first glance, like one of those projects – the kind that doesn't have a hope in hell of being built – but Steven Holl Architects' LM Gateway is finally going ahead after languishing on the drawing board since 2008. The unusual project comprises two mixed-use towers joined by a like number of bridges that will allow people to take a shortcut from one area of Copenhagen Harbor to the other.Read More


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