Haunting memorial commemorates Polish victims of WWII atrocities

It's difficult for architects to reflect tragedy respectfully while remaining compelling, especially with a subject as emotionally charged as the Second World War. But the Mausoleum of the Martyrdom of Polish Villages gets the balance right. Designed by Poland's Nizio Design International, the project commemorates Polish victims of WWII.Read More

Plan hatched to build modern successor to Colossus of Rhodes

Towering over the ancient city like a watchful giant, the Colossus of Rhodes statue was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Now, over two millennia after it was felled by an earthquake, a group of architects and engineers hope to build its modern successor.Read More

MAD's extraterrestrial opera house lands in Harbin, China

It's a treat to see an architecture firm at the top of its game, and MAD Architects' undulating Harbin Opera House doesn't disappoint. Looking like an alien spaceship has landed on the wetlands of Harbin, Northeast China, the recently-completed project features two high-end theaters with a combined capacity of 2,000 patrons.Read More

Dolní Morava's Sky Walk has visitors walking tall

A new attraction at the Dolní Morava resort in the Czech Republic has visitors walking around with their heads in the clouds. The Sky Walk is a 55-m (180-ft)-high wooden walkway on top of a mountain. It is aimed at being both fun and educational, with a helter skelter-type slide providing a fast way down.Read More


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