The best from the weird and wacky world of sheds

The 2016 Shed of the Year competition includes some of the most innovative, wacky, and downright fun micro-architecture you're likely to see in one place. Highlights include a shed that can withstand a nuclear attack, a sustainable shed built using cobs, and a street-legal shed that packs a V6 engine.Read More

UK phone boxes to become mini work pods

Mobile phones have rendered the UK's iconic red phone boxes largely redundant, but the mobile lifestyle that they have helped usher in is now seeing them repurposed. New York-based co-working outfit Bar Works is fitting out the phone boxes as mini work pods for people on the go.Read More

People in glass houses: The best uses of glass in architecture

Architects have long used glass to provide light and views, but the following homes and buildings go a lot further. Ranging from practical full-time home to experimental sustainable dwelling, each is a completed project that is either mostly made from glass or uses the material in such a way as to make it the defining feature. Join us as we highlight the best glass architecture we've seen so far. Read More

Cream of the crop: The world's top new buildings

The prestigious Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has launched a brand-new international award that highlights the best new buildings from around the world. The institute has selected 30 buildings varying in size, cost, and style – each of which displays architectural innovation and excellence.Read More


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