HD video review : Gizmag road tests the fire-breathing 2010 Aprilia RSV4R


March 26, 2010

Hold onto your helmets, it's time to open up the throttle on the most race-focused roadbike ever: Aprilia's RSV4

Hold onto your helmets, it's time to open up the throttle on the most race-focused roadbike ever: Aprilia's RSV4

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We've spent plenty of time looking at the spec sheets for Aprilia's barnstorming new superbike, the 180-horsepower RSV4 - and marvelling at the potential of what has to be the most race-focused roadbike ever to hit the market. Now it's time to take this beast out on the road and see how it goes. Sit back and enjoy our most in-depth video review yet - it's white knuckles and brown underpants as we road test the 2010 Aprilia RSV4-R.

Check it out above, or click through to watch the Aprilia RSV4-R road test review in HD.

And don't forget to check out our extensive Aprilia RSV4-R photo gallery.

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What a great review. Top effort, would have loved to see some track action on it though seeing as it is PERFECTLY suited to such adventures ;) Next time :)

Craig Jennings

lovely road for a bike like this ! this looks like a serious competitor for the Ducati,, nice!!!


Probably the best, most thorough bike review I\'ve ever seen! Well done! :)


Great, looking forward to the BMW S1000 RR review.

Russel Caudell

Watching that was awesome bit of deja vu when I realised were all the road scenes were filmed.

Wayne Cislowski

I agree with \"PTB\"...the best, most balanced with tech info and machine/riding experience review I\'ve seen. Thank you for a great job.


Nice one Loz, nice toys they let you play with :)

John McG

Mate, seriously I enjoy your site, but this annoyed me. I live in an area thats terrorised by loud, maniac riding every weekend and frequently during the week. There\'s deaths, near misses, conflict, serious noise pollution. Your nudge nudge wink wink approach to speed on public roads and to noise is deeply offensive. Deeply (yep, lost friends to your style of riding). Sorry, really enjoy your style and the site, but I reckon you erred this time.


Nice video!! Aprilia RSV4 is to provide its users with good mileage and better performance. The powerful engine is been endowed with the latest dynamic Transmission system.

Sayli Joshi
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