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Aprilia RSV4 racebike unveiled


February 25, 2008

Aprilia RSV4: road debut by the end of 2008

Aprilia RSV4: road debut by the end of 2008

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February 26, 2008 Aprilia has taken the wraps off the 1000cc, V-4 engined superbike it plans to race in the World Superbike Championship in the 2009 season in front of an audience of more than 1,200 dealers attending the International Piaggio Group Convention in Milan. The race version of Aprilia's first ever 4-cylinder engine is already making a claimed 207 horsepower - with more room yet for development potential - and the new bike is due to make its road debut by the end of 2008. The unique, compact four-cylinder 65 degree V engine configuration achieves peak power at 13,500rpm and uses a computer controlled fly-by-wire system similar to that found in the recent R1 and R6 Yamahas for controlling power output and traction.

In keeping the engine's footprint small, Aprilia have found an innovative way to drive the dual overhead cams; the inner (inlet) cams are driven by a conventional chain, and the outer ones are actually driven by the inner ones, through a series of gears.

More details and video of the RSV4 running on stage over at TheBikerGene.

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