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Apple TV goes 1080p


March 7, 2012

Content such as games can be streamed from an iDevice onto an HD TV, via the new 1080p-capable Apple TV

Content such as games can be streamed from an iDevice onto an HD TV, via the new 1080p-capable Apple TV

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Along with spreading the word about a certain new tablet computer, Apple also used today's media event to unveil the latest version of its Apple TV video streaming system. The big news is that the new device allows users to view content in full 1080p HD, from sources such as iTunes, Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube. It also features a simpler icon-based user interface, which facilitates the viewing of purchased content that is stored on Apple's iCloud service.

Apple TV additionally allows movies, TV shows, music or photos stored on iCloud to be sent through to the user's iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - or to their Mac or PC, for that matter. Conversely, using AirPlay, it can also be used to stream content from any of the three iDevices, onto a high-definition TV. Along with movies, that content could also include things like web pages, spreadsheets or games.

The device can also be remotely controlled from an Apple mobile device, running the free Remote app.

The new 1080p-capable Apple TV will be available as of March 16th, for a suggested retail price of US$99. It requires iTunes 10.5 or later, an 802.11g/n Wi-Fi network or Ethernet network, a broadband Internet connection, a 1080p or 720p HD TV, and an HDMI cable.

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Though the new 1080p Apple TV 3 and the iTunes 10.6 enables to play 1080p video, it only support 1080p in h.264 format. Apple TV still cannot import, stream and play 1080p HD video which is in MKV, AVI, WTV, WMV, FLV, WebM, AVCHD, MPG, DivX, MXF, and VOB etc format.

Emily Henry
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