Apple's iSlate tablet rumor roundup


January 5, 2010

iSlate concept

iSlate concept

The holidays might be over now, but the rumors regarding Apple's iSlate tablet device certainly aren't. Read on for a roundup of the latest rumors, including announcement dates, release dates, screen sizes and pricing.

Sources have told AllThingsD that Apple will unveil a "major new product" at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Wednesday the 27th of January.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the device will cost $1,000, feature a "10 to 11-inch touch screen" and will be unveiled later this month, with shipping to commence in March.

French site Mac4Ever claims that Apple has seeded a beta of the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK to developers, including a simulator which allows the creation of interfaces for the new device's resolution and aspect ratio.

Image via Wired.

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What an awful name!!! I think APPLE needs to invest in a Thesaurus.....what about THE ROCK,THE HENGE,THE FLINTSTONE,THE ROSETTA!!!! Steve Jobbs needs a new creative marketing dept,would you pay US$ 1000 for a ROOF TILE, a bit to\" very grey and minimal\"for me.

Come on APPLE you can do better!!


To MEGA sell, this tablet must have 10in screen, HD video playback,new gen nano tech battery 10-24 hours,SSD 1 T,4-8 GB RAM,quality web cam as per (MacBookPro) please no high gloss screen,its no good in bright light,better matt finish as per Sony,carbon fibre or magnesium chassis.Quality speakers and projack for Bose/Sen,min 5 mp stills camera (10-12mp even better) with HD video camera also and min 5 LED flash/light.WiFi airport,blue tooth,fast gaming chip,some ergo non slip grip design (butter fingers,it will not bounce!) solar charging on rear casing as per IPhone slip on charger or new gen solar film,wrist strap,some happy colors and personalized design options,Thats all Folks.......... Thank you Apple!

Oh yes the price!! under 450 US$, if \"One per Child\" can make a tablet OX3 for sub US100$ then APPLE can do it!!! before another Chinese factory makes it.


wow, you sure don\'t ask for much! 1 TB SSD? yeah, right, try closer to 120GB. and the RAM would prolly be around 2-3GB. can\'t see a flashlight being of much use on there either, and solar panels on the back is a little too much. i hope you were joking! :P

Jonathan Wiebe

Jonathan is just a fanboy, I\'m with landbankspain, I\'ll buy it for $400. Anything more is a ripoff.

Paul Fillmore

A TB SSD (cheap in Shanghai at present),not a flash light JW, its for the HD video.I can buy a slip on solar panel for the I-Phone a solar charger back pack and a flexible solar paneled ski jacket (on the market for 6 months) so why stop there! there is a big empty space on the back of the tablet, as well as plugging it into your back pack or ski jacket, please think out of the box TECH friends,\"you demand and it will come!\"

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