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Apple's 2010 Internet Tablet to be coined ‘iSlate’?


December 29, 2009

Will the 'iSlate' finally bring dedicated Internet tablets to the masses?

Will the 'iSlate' finally bring dedicated Internet tablets to the masses?

Internet tablets have never really taken off in a big way, and despite high-profile companies like Nokia getting involved with portable offerings like the N900, the jury is still out on whether there’s sufficient demand for a more dedicated device. There are few better placed companies than Apple to make a final ruling on such technology though, and we’ve already seen blueprints and patents filed for such a device. If the project does go ahead, the latest word from MacRumours suggests that any such device will be labeled the "iSlate".

This is based mainly on the fact that Apple has recently been strongly touted as the owner of the domain "", which was registered originally in 2004 and later transferred to, who among other companies handles registrations and trademarks for Apple.

"" is also owned by MarkMonitor and with the UK being a key market in Apple’s portfolio, it would make sense to cover its bases in this way. In addition, (Japan), (China) and (France), further key markets for Apple, have also been linked to MarkMonitor, and this seems like too much of a coincidence to presume that a large company wasn't involved in scooping up the most profitable world markets.

TechCrunch has done a fair bit of digging around the subject and seems convinced that the "iSlate" branding is indeed tied to Apple, though the fact that most of this happened a few years ago does nothing to "prove" that the device, previously rumoured to be launched in 2010, will see the light of day.

Considering Apple’s typical shady stance on such rumors we’re not at all surprised to see that there’s no official news or confirmation elsewhere, but the evidence (and the catchy moniker) does seem to point to the fact that if Apple does release an Internet Tablet, it will indeed be called the iSlate.

Via MacRumours.

Image: A False Promise


They would be stupid not to release a tablet pretty quick-sharp

Gruph Norgle
2nd January, 2010 @ 09:08 pm PST

Another decade of 'i' a word. Good grief!

4th January, 2010 @ 06:38 am PST
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