Mark your calendars: Apple's iPhone 6 event date reportedly set


August 5, 2014

The iPhone 6 is likely to have a larger screen than the last iPhones

The iPhone 6 is likely to have a larger screen than the last iPhones

That Apple would hold its next iPhone event in the September/October timeframe is hardly a surprise (this would mark the fourth straight year). But a new report claims that Apple has already marked its calendar for an early September unveiling.

According to a report from Re/code, Apple has set an event date for Tuesday, September 9. The outlet reports that the theme will indeed be new iPhones, which should mean the company's official unveiling of the iPhone 6. It's worth noting that Apple hasn't yet sent out invitations for the event (that usually happens much closer to the event date) and this is all based on Re/Code's sources.

Though nothing is confirmed, months worth of rumors have pointed to Apple launching two new iPhones, both with larger screens (likely a 4.7-in one and a 5.5-in phablet). Earlier reports said that the larger iPhone could possibly ship later than the smaller one (perhaps even slipping into early 2015), but that scuttlebutt hasn't been quite as consistent.

As with every previous iPhone release, the new device(s) will likely sport a faster processor (A8 is next in line) along with camera improvements, and will run the next version of iOS. The Touch ID fingerprint sensor, featured in last year's iPhone 5s, will also presumably pop up in every high-end iOS device from now on.

Gizmag will have the full scoop on Sept. 9 – or whenever Tim Cook and Co. take the stage.

Source: Re/code

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Using parts from Phillipines NSP who fired 24 workers for trying to negotiate a new contract. Apple needs to get it's supply chain crap together!

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