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Apple creates special information site for iPad


January 27, 2010


why does everything today have to have a camera on it?


Where is the forward facing camera? Sounds very last era to me...

Simon Drozdowski

I wanted to buy a I-Touch, then I found it did not have a camera on it, so I decided not to. Taking pictures and sending them to people and yourself (so you can edit and store them on your home computer) is a big part of using the internet. Pictures through the internet are a great way to stay in touch with family and record business related issues..... Dennis


Ehh, I don\'t care about the camera, I want a GPS! None of this \'assisted\' garbage.

Gruph Norgle

the design of I(pad) is the best ever -wish it was about 5 inches(u dont read the whole page of abook at once),had a usb port for external attachments/pdf/flash/fax/ enabled/detachable batteries/stylus/do u need a radio /forward facing 5 mpix camera/gps/Never got around asking the weight and do u have to cary bulky adpators and power plugs.it has to have features of todays phone plus...more I always wanted to buy it (the sleekest design)if it has all these .... and a decent price!! a specifications comparison would be ideal with similar products -

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