Apple's iPhone 4 Case Program will end on September 30 but Bumpers will still be free


September 12, 2010

Apple's Case Program ends in its current form on September 30

Apple's Case Program ends in its current form on September 30

This July, following the torrent of bad press surrounding the iPhone 4’s antenna issues, Apple implemented its Case Program, which provided a free Apple Bumper, (including a refund if one had already been purchased), or a choice of case from a number of third-party suppliers. The company also applied a no restocking fee return policy for dissatisfied customers. Apple has now announced that after September 30, it will continue to offer only the Bumper case for free through AppleCare and the no restocking fee policy will end.

When Apple announced the Case Program it said the offer would apply until September 30, after which time it would re-examine the issue. Some theorized this might mean that Apple was working on a hardware fix, but Apple now says the “iPhone 4 antenna attenuation issue is even smaller than we originally thought,” so predictions of an updated iPhone 4 have been shot out of the water.

Since the change will only apply to iPhone 4's sold after September 30, you still have some time to grab an iPhone 4 and choose a case other than Apple’s Bumper.

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Ridiculous they are not even available yet !?!?


How about actually fixing the problem? Bumpers, Schmumpers!

Richard Jones
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