Could Apple be launching an 8 GB iPad 2 next week?


February 29, 2012

Rumors abound of an 8 GB iPad 2 being announced next week

Rumors abound of an 8 GB iPad 2 being announced next week

Could Apple be releasing an 8 GB iPad 2 next week? According to a DigiTimes source, Cupertino will be launching a new smaller-capacity iPad 2 at its event March 7 alongside the the new iPad 3. According to the source, Apple will be releasing a 16 GB and 32 GB iPad 3 and an 8 GB iPad in order to compete with more budget priced offerings from other tablet manufacturers.

Apple has previously used a similar strategy with its iPhone line, discontinuing the larger-capacity versions of the previous handsets while still offering or launching a cheaper lower-capacity model.

While Apple has never offered an iPad with anything below 16 GB of storage, doing so isn't that far out of the realm of possibility. With inexpensive competition such as the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet hitting the market, Apple needs to make an effort to hit the less affluent tablet-buying population. What better way to do that than to sell a lower-capacity iPad 2?

Taking into account that the iPad 2 would technically be the "older model," and Apple could conceivably sell the an 8 GB WiFi iPad 2 for $399 or less. A $399 price tag, while still higher than a Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, would still put Apple in a great position to snag some customers who might have otherwise gone with a less-expensive competitor.

What's also interesting about the DigitTimes rumor is that it implies Apple will only be selling a 16 GB and 32 GB version of the iPad 3, getting rid of the 64 GB version of the tablet. Assuming the rumor is true, Apple may be making that move in order to promote its iCloud service, which allows customers to store and access some content from the cloud.

The iPad 3 is expected to be announced at an Apple event in San Francisco March 7th. The tablet is highly rumored to have a faster processor, high-resolution Retina display, and a higher-resolution camera.

Source: DigiTimes


The only cheaper ipad they would release would be for education but textbooks are multiple gigabytes each so they wouldn't fit on an 8 gb ipad.


And will the new IPad's do Flash? Probably not. The fact that Apple is "protecting" me from Flash is a complete mystery. They don't offer that "protection" when I'm on my MacBookPro, I don't get "protection" when I run Windows (also on my MBP) so why do I need it when I'm on an IPad?

Me thinks it's Apple protecting itself from a loophole in the IPad's OS rather than protecting me from anything that Flash may or may not do.

Mark Hutchinson

Apple is now reeling in the i-Fish. Put everything on the cloud and when they have your data they will hold you hostage and jack up prices to access what you already paid for to own- Brilliant! The Cloud will make cable TV look like a bargin. I'll pay once and keep my data on cheap SDHC/SDXC cards.


I personally love my iPad but use more then 32gb's and I don't use iCloud. Without 64 GB models I will look somewhere else for my next tablet.

Frank Bicking

Apple is getting messy. I liked their approach to few, but high quality hardware.

Next thing they'll do is make a 0gb ipad that relies soley on icloud subscription.

icloud at LEAST needs to provide half the storage of the device you bought for free if they want people to go PC-less. Eventually to an icloud with free storage equal to the device storage they buy.

Matthew Harden

I understand the marketing concept of providing different models at different price points but it is still a ripoff of the customer when extra RAM costs hundreds of dollars more when the manufacturer's cost is less than $10.

Traditionally there has been a 7 to 1 markup from the manufacturing cost and to Apple's credit they have taken this to 30 to 1 with remarkable success and remarkable profits. It also makes them vulnerable to competition from Amazon and Google - and where is Microsoft these days?


Seems unlikely that they would get rid of the 64gb model. Apple sells a lot of them, and it is the highest profit margin of the models since they are getting a $200 premium for adding another $30 worth of storage.

Also the OS takes up about 1.5GB, so an 8GB would really be a 6.5GB or less if the new OS is larger.

Michael Crumpton

Just a bit crazy they don't include a $5.00 (wholesale cost) micro-card reader. I guess they're in the market of selling memory... rather than potential.

Matt Rings

The smartphone can take over, plus Samsung and even LG have introduced larger handsets with brilliant resolution and beautiful screens. They are just as good for browsing and reading.

Dawar Saify
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