Apple's 2013: iPhone 5S, cheap iPhone 5, Retina iPad mini?


January 16, 2013

An analyst with a proven track record forecasts Apple's 2013

An analyst with a proven track record forecasts Apple's 2013

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It doesn't take much for an Apple rumor to go viral. One analyst makes a bold prediction about the next iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV set, and the internet goes crazy. What isn't as common is an analyst with a proven track record forecasting Apple's entire annual product line.

The analyst is KGI Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo. In the past, he accurately predicted the iPhone 5's in-cell display tech, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, and the 5th-gen iPod touch.

iPhone 5S, cheap iPhone 5

Kuo agrees with previous rumors that the iPhone 5S will launch less than a year after its predecessor. He sees the upgraded handset arriving in June or July, carrying an A7 chip, an upgraded camera (with an f2.0 aperture and smart LED flash), and a fingerprint sensor.

The analyst also concurs with the budget iPhone murmurs. He believes, however, that the low-cost iPhone will be a redesigned iPhone 5. It would supposedly feature a thicker (8.2 mm) plastic casing, and sell in six different colors.

iPad 5, Retina iPad mini

Supporting another pair of rumors we've heard, Kuo predicts that the next iPad will be thinner and lighter, and take on the iPad mini's narrower side bezels. The 2nd-generation iPad mini will sport a big upgrade of its own in a Retina Display.

Contrasting previous rumors, though, Kuo believes that the new iPads will launch in Q3, rather than March.

MacBooks, iMac

2013, according to the analyst, will be the year that the MacBook Pro goes all-Retina. He sees Apple dropping the non-Retina Pros, and also dropping the prices of the Retina models. In one of his more questionable predictions, he says Apple will redesign the Retina MacBook Pros after just one generation.

The MacBook Air and iMac, according to Kuo, won't be so lucky. He says that Retina Displays won't be in the cards for either product line this year. He sees their big upgrades coming in shifts to Intel's high performance/low power Haswell chips.

Apple TV, iPod touch

Kuo forecasts content deals holding up the long-anticipated Apple TV set. Instead, he sees the Apple TV set-top box receiving a minor (unknown) update earlier in the year.

The iPod touch will supposedly have an off-year, with Apple dropping the 4th-gen model and replacing it with a lower-cost version of the 5th-gen model.

Wait and see

Analysts' predictions are often off-target, but Kuo's history suggests that he has quality sources. It's unlikely, though, that he has 100 percent solid information on every Apple product. He more likely sees supply chain movement in certain directions, and is filling in the blanks as best he can.

What do you think? Are his predictions reasonable? Or is he just seeking headlines during a post-CES news lull? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Macrumors

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It's amazing how those devices cause such craziness. I've never had one but it's difficult for me to imagine it being that much better than many of the other phones out there. I just went from a Blackberry to a Windows Phone. I'm really impressed with WP8. I've only fooled around with an iPhone so I lack the experience but is it really that great or is it just because Apple made it "cool" to have one? Remember how the white earphones made it cool to own an iPod? That little difference made everyone want one. "Cool" seems to be the primary factor for owning an Apple product. WP8 ain't cool, I guess. I certainly love mine though. I loved my BB too. Surely WP8 will become at least a little cool. What makes a device "cool" anyway? Apps? I just don't get it. Guess that's why no one says I'm cool.

Zachary Smith

It just drives me nuts that they had the technology to release the ipad mini with retina display but play on the feebleness of its consumers to release a lower quality one knowing people will resell theirs for an "upgrade"

Elvis Valentin

Zachary u are not alone. I too have never understood the craze for Apple and Android devices. Never bought either of those as well.

I am impressed with WP8 and Win 8. Eagerly waiting to buy Lumia 620 and Asus VivoTab Smart as soon as they are launched in india

I guess we are the cooler group, that didn't get swayed by the hideous craze for silly no use tech.

Atul Malhotra

Apple needs to lower their prices. I love apple because of the way they Present their products, I remember the when I got my first apple product the iPod touch 4g 8gb. I loved the retina display and elite feel of the case it came in. I made me feel rich even though I only payed $186.

Denzel Miles

It's not because it's "cool", it's because it's so easy to use and it just works, never ever freezes or fails you in any situation. Plus the designs are gorgeous. I never got it either until I bought an iphone, because my android sucked, never worked, kept freezing to the degree I sometimes couldn't even answer my calls. The iphone never does that to me. Every app is cool, easy to use, doesn't have stupid ads and the iCloud makes backup storage easy. Android and WP are too complicated for everyday use for a lot of users I believe. Geeks love those, but most of us just want our phones to work and not customization and tons of settings. That's why.

Regi Janik

Lol you don't get it?....I use apple products as well as android.The apps for one are insane,really displays the power and versatility of these devices.The operating system and the cloud setup are also pretty impressive.Also the specs on the next galaxy note and galaxy iv are gonna be off the charts,Win can't even hang with these boys lol..for real.If you're not down,you're not cool,u may be out of the loop.

Mike Brown
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