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A $1,100+ thumb drive, straight from outer space


November 9, 2012

The Apophis USB drive is made with 18-carat gold or 925 silver ... and real meteorite

The Apophis USB drive is made with 18-carat gold or 925 silver ... and real meteorite

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Who says that USB flash drives have to be simple little plastic items designed for carrying around data? ZaNa Design certainly doesn't think so. As such, it's launched a thumb drive called the Apophis that starts at US$1,100 and is made with authentic and certified meteorite.

Of course, just being made with a meteorite seems like enough, but no, it also comes with a high-purity diamond embedded in it. The drive also incorporates African Black Wood, which is considered a rather high quality material.

As far as the actual thumb drive is concerned, it's USB 3.0-compatible, and comes with 64GB of internal memory. It also has a lifetime warranty, so at least you know if anything goes wrong with your ultra-expensive drive, you will be able to get it replaced.

The device comes in two different flavors. Both have the diamond and meteorite, but the cheaper version also features 925 silver and will set you back $1,130. The more expensive 18-carat gold model will set you back $1,990.

Source: ZaNa Design via UberGizmo

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Fools and their money will soon be parted.


I think meteorites should be considered as scientific material, not just as regular manufacturing stuff. In this very page, there is a note about a new mineral, called "panguite" found in a meteorite that fell in the '60s. Are we going to use such possible sources of knowledge just to build gadgets for snobs?

Blind Librarian

I remember when an 80 meg hard drive seemed like a gift from heaven. In five years, this divice will absolutely be a pig in makeup.

John Hagen-Brenner

I think there are way more cooler (geekier?) thumb drives that are a fraction of the cost of these drives.

I have seen flash drives that look like animals, cartoon characters, cars, food, etc. It is limited only by ones imagination. :)

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