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Antares releases Auto-Tune for Guitar Custom Installation Kits


January 21, 2014

The Antares Auto-Tune for Guitar Custom Installation Kit

The Antares Auto-Tune for Guitar Custom Installation Kit

The company behind the digital tuning wizardry in Peavey's excellent AT-200 guitar, Antares, has announced the release of the Auto-Tune for Guitar Custom Installation Kits.

Released at the very end of 2012, the AT-200's pitch perfect performance certainly impressed me when I managed to get one for review, but it was its ability to drop tune in an instant, or split the tuning between standard an baritone or bass that got me really excited. Antares subsequently released some feature packs that extended the capabilities even further, allowing for alternate tuning at the push of a button, as well as guitar and pickup modeling and a virtual capo. But despite being a very capable instrument, not every player would be happy using a Peavey.

With the release of the Custom Installation Kits, players can now supercharge their favorite axe with Auto-Tune technology, though they'll have to check with their luthier first. Versions are available to fit popular guitar shapes and styles, such as Strats, Les Pauls and Teles, and the company offers further customization options, including a choice of pickup selectors, control encoder numbers and pickup widths.

Antares says that in order to ensure consistent quality installation, the kits are only being made available to established luthiers who have also been accepted as authorized installers (application forms are available via the source link). Sets of acrylic routing templates can also be obtained with the kits.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we've no word on pricing.

Source: Antares

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