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AMREL announce the HC-2 military computer


August 17, 2009

The AMREL HC-2 features a Windows XP interface and 128GB solid state drive 
 (Image: AMREL...

The AMREL HC-2 features a Windows XP interface and 128GB solid state drive (Image: AMREL)

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Recent developments in battlefield technology have demonstrated the increasing need for soldiers on the ground to be able to relay large amounts of information, using highly portable and flexible equipment. To this effect American Reliance (AMREL) has announced their latest compact computer platform, the HC-2, featuring a Windows XP interface and 128GB solid state drive.

Measuring around 6" x 4" and weighing less than 2 pounds, the HC-2 is designed to fit easily into the wearer’s cargo pocket. Using a 5” sunlight readable touch screen, the rugged unit meets stringent military “MIL-STD 810F” standards, having been built to withstand rain, shock and extreme temperatures.

Incorporating an Intel Atom Processor, the HC-2 uses a simple interface enabling the integration of several applications, offering multi tasking capabilities like data collection, battlefield diagnostics and sensor monitoring, which can be easily switched in the field. Connectivity to military tactical radios and therefore battlefield radio networks enable continuous data transmission.

The HC-2 uses AMRELS “FLEX Connect” technology, which originated with a previous notebook release being modified to accept Radio Command Modules. Realized here on a smaller scale, the technology allows the HC-2 to be used as a control unit for multiple unmanned systems.

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