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May 29, 2013

The Amazing Humidifier is a travel-sized device that creates water vapor from a store-bought bottle of water

The Amazing Humidifier is a travel-sized device that creates water vapor from a store-bought bottle of water

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Carrying a full-size humidifier with you when you travel isn’t particularly convenient. If you still don’t want to dry out while sleeping in your hotel room, however, there is an option. South Korea’s Amazing Grace is now offering a tiny humidifier that can be placed in whatever bottle of water is close at hand.

Called the Amazing Humidifier, the device is powered by the user’s laptop or by a phone charger, via a USB-to-mini-USB cable.

The humidifier consists of a main unit which rests on top of the water bottle, with a detachable 12 cm (4.7 inch)-long core which extends down into the water. Once powered up, the device draws water through that wick-like core, dispensing it into the air as vapor at a rate of 30 ml per hour. At that rate, a 500-ml bottle of water should be more than sufficient for one night – the humidifier automatically shuts off after eight hours of continuous use.

The core doubles as a filter, and should be replaced approximately once every three months – obviously, that’s going to vary greatly with the amount of use it gets.

... and oh yeah, the humidifier also lets off a faint glow, allowing it to double as a night light. It can be seen in use in the video below, and is available for around the US$32 mark.

If you’re interested in the Amazing Humidifier, you might also want to check out the Air-O-Swiss. It’s another water bottle-fed mini humidifier, although it requires the bottle to be mounted on top of it, like the tank on a water cooler.

Source: Amazing Grace

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Not a good idea for desktop users.

Elijah Sherv

Interesting idea, but $34? I was able to find what looks like the same one for $23 by Satechi.


Elijah ..I agree, that thing was cranking out a mist. humidifier/fire extinguisher. I bet you can just watch the water level drop in the bottle

Jay Finke

Love the fact they swung at miniaturization and making it portable.... Bravo!

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