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AeroShot delivers aerosol caffeine hit without the calories or coffee breath


October 23, 2011

The AeroShot provides an aerosol caffeine boost

The AeroShot provides an aerosol caffeine boost

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Science fiction movies would have us believe that, in the future, pills (or possibly green wafers) will meet all our nutritional needs, but Harvard professor David Edwards sees things a little differently. Having already introduced the Le Whif chocolate inhaler, Edwards has now turned his attention to the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug - caffeine. The AeroShot Pure Energy delivers a fine powder containing vitamin B and 100 mg of caffeine that dissolves instantly in the mouth. That's around the same amount of caffeine found in one large cup of coffee ... without the calories or coffee breath.

The lipstick-sized cylindrical device works by pulling on the green end to open it then putting the other end in your mouth and gently puffing. Each AeroShot provides from six to eight puffs that can be taken at any time, anywhere. Initially, however, that anywhere will be limited to Boston and New York where the AeroShot will hit stores in January.

AeroShot is being released by Breathable Foods, a Cambridge (USA)-based company established in April of this year by Edwards and U.K. entrepreneur Tom Hadfield to "bring the aesthetic experience of aerosol cuisine to commercial markets." I'm not sure how aesthetically pleasing it would be to see caffeine junkies constantly puffing away on their AeroShots but, on a practical level, the company points out that, unlike a cup of coffee or can of energy drink, the AeroShot meets TSA regulations so it can be taken aboard commercial aircraft.

The Le Whif and AeroShot, along with the AWOL, means it's now possible to enjoy some chocolate flavor, get yourself inebriated, then try and sober up with a jolt of caffeine - all without a food or beverage actually passing your lips.

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I can\'t count the number of times I bought caffeinated beverage to help with the last 50 miles getting home only to find between the time it takes to drink and then have the caffeine take effect to be within 3 miles of home before my eyes pop open, and then be unable to sleep for hours after getting home.

If it gives near instant effect I\'m there.


They didn\'t want to try and take Seattle first,then ;) Though I like the idea of a take anywhere caffeine Buzz,surely the pleasure of the habit is in sitting down and taking 5 with a Mug of Joe?

Ger Gallagher

What a useless invention. The whole point of coffee is the enjoyment of sipping it. For me, at least, the psychoactive effects are an unwelcome side-effect. As for chocolate, I don\'t notice any side-effect at all. Chocolate\'s main purpose is its taste and texture in the mouth and also its aroma. Are those duplicated by the inhaler? I think not.


Brillig is right. It\'s just another fad.. Who doesn\'t like coffee breath lol

James Forsyth

Gosh! They can be sure all the architecture students and hard working designers will take puffs of that air-caffeine...!!!! When will it be marketed in France? I love the idea...!

Ksee Cerise

Thinking about the impact from an endurance sports standpoint, sounds like a winner to me!!

Jeff Black

I can see this being a considerable issue for abuse! Imagine a bunch of frat-boys chumming it up huffing caffeine! Hey, how may le-Wiffs can you empty in 5 seconds!


Coffee and caffeine psychosis(C) - my term......

What is wrong with crushing up 20 NO DOZ tablets at a time, into FINE powder with a mortar and pestle and sucking on them?

I dread to think.

Visions of Beavis and Butthead and Cornholio.

Mr Stiffy

First E-cigs now E-coffee next E-???


The people who design this probably never enjoy sitting down for a conversation, reading with a cup of coffee. Their solution will change the traditional approach between man and woman getting to know each other from \"do you want to go for a cup of coffee\" to \"do you want to suck this\" - ;-)

James Ng

I think I\'m on Ed\'s side with this. Unlike coffee or energy drinks, this stuff doesn\'t have any real substance to it that can make you feel full. I\'m just an armchair scientist, but I would imagine it would be possible to inhale these things until your heart explodes, which would undoubtedly happen at some out-of-control frat party (just look what happened with Four Loko)

Forward Thinker

re; James Ng

Perhaps they don\'t like coffee or tee, and don\'t want the ill effects of the sugar or artificial sweeteners in sodas, and energy drinks.

re; Forward Thinker

We are better off without people that stupid in the gene pool.


\"We are better off without people that stupid in the gene pool.\"

I agree with this statement. :D

Renārs Grebežs
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