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Gizmag is an online magazine celebrating human endeavor across all fields of science, technology and design.

Founded in Australia in 2002 as a print magazine with a companion website, Gizmag has grown into an online-only magazine with a worldwide audience of over five million readers per month.

More than a decade of covering innovation has given us a truly unique audience of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, futurists and decision makers, all of whom strive to be well-informed.

The "average" Gizmag reader is an older, affluent, and extremely well-educated male:

Source: Gizmag reader survey, 2013

Sites with similar audiences to Gizmag include the MIT Technology Review,, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, New Scientist, Wired Magazine, Treehugger, and Business Week.

Source: Quantcast

Past advertisers include Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Smart, Chevrolet, IBM, Microsoft and Radio Shack.

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