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Adtec Telehook TH-400-LED mounts a TV just like hanging a picture


March 15, 2010

The Atdec Telehook TH-400-LED is a wire-based slim mount that can hang TVs weighing up to 50kgs similar to how you would hang a picture on a wall

The Atdec Telehook TH-400-LED is a wire-based slim mount that can hang TVs weighing up to 50kgs similar to how you would hang a picture on a wall

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One of the benefits of a flat panel TV is the small amount of space it takes up depth-wise compared to CRT TVs. But many viewers don’t take advantage of the extra space saving and sleek look because they are put off from having to purchase an expensive mount and installing it on their walls. Well, what if installing a flat panel TV – up to 50kg – was as easy as hanging a picture?

Australian company Atdec has created a new super slim flat panel TV mounting system called the Telehook TH-400-LED that uses a wire and couple of “hooks” to secure your TV on practically any wall in your home. It’s also one of the most affordable products of its kind.

The Atdec Telehook TH-400-LED allows displays to be ‘hung’ just 15.25mm from a wall using a heavy duty picture-hanging principle. Lightweight yet strong and durable, the system can hold any display up to 50kg in weight with a 400mm-wide VESA mounting hole pattern.

According to the installation brochure, it can even be used in drywall applications, along with stud walls and brickwork.

Atdec says the mount’s simple design makes it easy to install and its convenient cable access support makes the TV connection procedure a quick and simple one-man operation.

Available now for an RRP of AUD$149 (around US$136), the TH-400-LED is the company’s first wire mount, though it says it is working towards developing more mounts of this kind to accommodate a growing number of slim LCD and LED displays.

“Atdec is thrilled to be launching such a sophisticated, affordable solution as its first wire mounting product. The TH-400-LED introduces a new caliber of display mounting technology to the market, which we hope to explore further down the track,” said Jerome Green, managing director, Atdec.

Telehook TH-400-LED features convenient cable access support and has masonry, timber stud and dry wall mounting hardware included.

Hiding the cables, holding your gear

A downside to mounting TVs on the wall is those dangling, unsightly cables that often appear between the bottom of the TV and top of the furniture below it.

Atdec also has a solution to hide cables and house your AV gear that is DIY compatible. The Telehook TH-AN-CM is a slim profile cable management solution that reduces visual clutter and delivers that sleek finish many consumers desire.

Made from extruded aluminum construction (strength with minimum weight) the powder-coated channel separates the display’s power cable from the data cables (i.e. hi-fi and speaker cables) by installing them into separate cable bays. This also reduces the chance of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Atdec says it's quick and easy to install and can be mounted to dry wall in any position without the need to locate studs.

It can also be painted and cut to length. It is able to house up to 10 power/AV cables and is available in 1.1m (43-inch) lengths. The system can accommodate four height-adjustable shelves for audio/visual equipment each supporting up to 20kgs (44lbs) per shelf (sold separately).

Its slim line profile protrudes only 28mm (1 inch) from the wall and cables can be added or removed easily. All fixing hardware is included. It is available at many outlets, including Amazon, with price dependent on configuration.

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Nice system. I install flat-screens (my own and friends/family), and this would be a quick system to utilize, including the cable guide, which would be nice for apartments where you shouldn\'t be going inside the wall to hide wires.

I also find that almost all flat-panel mounts are WAAAAY overpriced. Most are $150-$300 for a few pieces of bent steel and some dry-wall anchors. Come on, now.

I like parts-express (dot com) for inexpensive wall mounts, typically $40, and secure enough for even a 50\" plasma. Inexpensive doesn\'t always mean flimsy, and this website store carries great stuff for the DIY\'er and professional.

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