Adrenalina hoodie outfits you with a wearable changing room


January 9, 2014

Flip the vest-like outer layer for some privacy while changing

Flip the vest-like outer layer for some privacy while changing

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The Adrenalina hoodie packs two layers worth of shirt so that surfers, bikers and other athletes can change comfortably on the go. The upper layer serves as a sort of "modesty towel," flipping down over the waist and nethers to let you change your pants on a crowded beach or parking lot.

Designed as a sort of wearable changing room, the Adrenalina was inspired by sportspeople who sometimes need to get changed out in the great wide open. The sweatshirt includes a Velcro-attached over layer that can be pulled down to cover your unmentionables. You're then free to remove your jeans and pull on your wetsuit without worrying about exposing yourself to the world.

Having done my fair share of removing wet pants after snowboarding, I can see the value in such a shirt. I wasn't all that shy about standing next to my car in my boxers for a second, but that's not necessarily ideal for everyone or all situations. A simple design like the Adrenalina provides coverage and won't pop off like a towel.

To add a little extra "smart" to the hoodie, Adrenalina's designers equipped it with an LED light leash, useful for night sessions or hunting down a lost binding screw in a messy car. They're also working on an accompanying smartphone app for tracking and sharing sport information.

Adrenalina is working to raise seed money on Kickstarter and is offering the hoodie for a pledge of US$66, plus shipping. It hopes to start delivering by April. One thing to note about the Adrenalina is that it's made from mostly cotton, a material that's common enough for sweatshirts but considered inferior for athletic wear because of its poor moisture management.

Adrenalina hints that its sport-tracking may one day migrate from the phone into the hoodie itself, saying, "When the hoodie was designed, we had loads of ideas about incorporating the digital technology in it. We are very eager to continue the development and the sensor incorporation could be the next step for the future project!"

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Flashers and exhibitionists - you're up!


This works with any ordinary long, loose coat as was demo'ed to me years ago by a friend wearing a parka.

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