Adidas to begin printing custom photos onto your sneakers


May 20, 2014

The new photo print app from Adidas will let you print your own photos on your sneakers

The new photo print app from Adidas will let you print your own photos on your sneakers

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Things are heating up in the world of custom sneakers. Last year, Nike launched an online service called PhotoiD that analyses your favorite Instagram photos, creates a colour palette out of them, and lets you build a sneaker design out of it.

But it seems Adidas is prepared to one-up Nike by creating a similar app for iPhone and Android that lets you take your favourite photos, map them directly onto a pair of ZX Flux sneakers and have them made and sent to you.

In the teaser images supplied by Adidas, they actually come up with some pretty nice shoe designs – check out the gallery for examples.

Of course, these represent some of the best case scenarios. When asked, Gizmag contributor Nick Lavars immediately suggested I should get a pair printed with his smiling face on them. I declined on the basis that with that cheesy mug peering up from my footwear, no self-respecting lady would ever wear a dress in my presence again.

The Adidas photo print app is set to debut in August this year.

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While there is a possibility of really ugly shoes, there is also a possibility of really nice looking shoes. I think it is neat to be able to pesonalize ones shoes.


So if I submit a picture with the words "Made In Asian Sweatshop By Children"......

Dan Spevack

Sneakers or Running Shoes? I worked for a friend who owns a running specialty store. I was insane at the time for doing so but I got better. I have 29 Marathons behind me. In pops some walking diamond studded Blond Joke with a high pitched grating voice, "I need some new Sneakers." --glass shatters-- Eye roll please. "I am running a Marathon." More eye roll right onto the floor. "What? Sneaking through a Marathon?"

None of the Shoe Reps ever, never called their running shoes, "Sneakers". I guess I missed something.

I can assure you, that this image creating thing will have those doing it, wanting to hang themselves soon. "Oh My God, that looks awful, that is not what I wanted...!!!" --you boob-- and the business owner will, "eat a shoe".

A passing fad. The essential trick is to make a really good running shoe, that fits many people and that can last. --pun--

Dan Spevack: I love that! There should be tariffs on this cheap, near slave labor BS. Oh, and environmental -- safety issues, what are they over there? Not much. Not going to happen. Too much $$$ passes into the greedy hands of the Politicos. gotta run...

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