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Acer announces budget Liquid Z500 smartphone


September 3, 2014

Acer's new Liquid Z500 smartphone

Acer's new Liquid Z500 smartphone

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Along with its new tablets and laptops, Acer also announced a new smartphone today at IFA 2014 – the Liquid Z500. While its features may not be particularly remarkable, its starting price of just €149 (about US$195) could likely win it a few fans.

Acer hasn’t provided much in the way of specs on the Z500, although it has stated that the phone has a 900:1 high-contrast 5-inch IPS screen, an 8 MP auto focus camera with F2.0 lens, and is 8.65 mm thick.

It also features "powerful" HD front speakers that deliver lossless DTS Studio Sound, along with the Acer Bright Magic system, which simultaneously enhances brightness and reduces noise in low-light photos.

The Acer Liquid Z500 comes in Titanium Black, Sandy Silver and Aquamarine Green, and should be available in Europe, the Middle East and Africa starting on Sept. 15th.

Source: Acer

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