Fart-proof 4SKINS underwear soaks up offensive rear end odors


November 28, 2010

The 4SKINS odor neutralizing underwear

The 4SKINS odor neutralizing underwear

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We’ve looked at plenty of breakthroughs in wind technology over the years here at Gizmag, but maybe none so beneficial to mankind as 4SKINS underwear. Taking the idea behind the Better Marriage Blanket to the next obvious level, this new underwear is made from odor absorbing fabric that soaks up offensive gases so you won’t have to blame that nostril burning stench on the dog.

Unlike the Better Marriage Blanket, which traps “flatulence molecules” in a layer of activated carbon, the 4SKINS underwear uses Neutralizer technology from California-based company, Nano-Tex, which builds "odor-eliminating nanotechnology" into the fabric’s individual fibers. This technology attracts, isolates and neutralizes odors on the fabric as well as any passing through.

Because the fabric is able to breathe naturally, not only will those around you be able to breathe easier, so will your nether regions. Unfortunately, the underwear isn’t soundproof though, so it will be most effective against SBD (silent but deadly) emissions.

The 4SKINS underwear line is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Gilbert Huynh, who spent two years on R&D; after becoming fed up with the gaseous emissions of family members – although we’re betting these same family members will claim Gilbert’s rear end is no perfume factory either.

“We took to the design stage determined to create the most comfortable pair of undies on the market and figured nothing is more uncomfortable than the moment when you can’t contain your gas, “ Mr Huynh told the Herald-Sun.

Mr Huynh looks to have been swayed by the powerful female lobby that claims women don’t fart, as 4SKINS are only available for men in both brief and trunk designs. Prices range from AUD24.95 to 39.95 (approx. US$24 to $38.50), with free international shipping for any orders over AUD100 (approx. US$96).

And a special mention to the person who came up with the 4SKINS tagline of “Keep it in your pants.” Kudos sir or madam, kudos.

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women don\'t fart? Oh...REALLY????!!!!!!

My wife has a rectal gas factory that could have been used by Hitler so I find that hard to believe :)

some inventions just take AL the fun out of life....remember sitting on your little brother\'s head, holding him down and farting?

Happy days.... :)

Mark Fitzgibbon

What a stupid invention! The person who thought of this gizmo is weird. He probably has pimples all over his face.

And I don\'t care what this is. Nothing beats a match or a lighter. You ass.


We could either invent things like this, or we could simply stop eating the foods that make us gassy.



Facebook User

And where are the female models? Women fart too....they\'ll just never admit it! Any ladies want to refudiate that? LOL

Rex Decker

Can I buy a pair for my dog?


That\'s an awful lot of money to keep your f@rts from smelling! Unless you have a gastrointestinal issue that leads to excessive gas production, I don\'t find this product having a place in my wardrobe!


Excellent! Now if they can just come up with a way to harvest the methane, we could solve the world\'s energy and climate crises at once. Imagine such devices on all the planet\'s people and livestock...

Unlike ForFreedom above, I\'d start eating extra cabbage if it would power my car. :)

Suman Subramanian

I do wish they would make these for women. Rosenkranz needs a pair of those underwear over their mouth cuz what he/she is saying STINKS! LOL Women have gas!!!! Lets get some of these for women too! Why should women be left out??


LOL! Where\'s the lady gitch? I could use a pair in yoga class!

Anne Docherty

Women do, but only the soft silent ones - as the don\'t keep their mouths shut long enough for the pressure to build up to make the noisy ones! ;-)

Richard Dinerman

Oh MY the comments are bloody hilarious! never have I seen this many on any subject at gizmag,, umm Richard? are you sleeping on the couch tonight?

Bill Bennett

This invention is of no use to me as my shit & farts don\'t stink


My wife makes fart sounds but they arent always from her rear end,but close. I would hope they make a pair for that also. Im tired of getting hit from laughing as I can`t help it.


These guys NEED to make a range for the ladies. They may not fart as often as we lads, but by all that is holy, when they do it\'s a catastrophe.

Here\'s my free marketing advice: make them frilly and pretty, and wrap them up in two sets of packaging: one that\'s all girly and makes absolutely no mention of their fart-absorbing purpose, and another on the outside that let\'s men know they can buy these for their girlfriends and suffer no longer. I\'d buy a dozen pairs, and engineer a small fire in the missus\' underwear drawer to make them the only thing she had.

I think gizmag needs to get some samples of these, for a test drive video.

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