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3rd Space FPS Vest lets you feel the gaming action


April 15, 2010

The 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest uses pneumatic air pockets to simulate physical blows when gaming

The 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest uses pneumatic air pockets to simulate physical blows when gaming

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Seeing as we recently told you about the stunningly-goofy HaptiHug, which allows you to receive the physical sensation of a hug via your computer, here’s a similar but much more macho product – the 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest. With its game-activated internal pneumatic pockets, the FPS has no interest in hugging you, but it will gladly simulate a gunshot to your torso.

A surgeon, who was trying to develop a system for remotely diagnosing prisoners, designed the FPS Vest. It has four pockets in the front, four in the back, and connects to a small USB-powered air compressor. Different pockets will activate to varying degrees, depending on what’s happening to you in the game. The FPS can apparently simulate hits from a pistol or an Uzi, along with the sensations of explosions, stabbings, rocket hits, and falling (one would assume they actually mean “landing”.) Presumably, being shot in real life feels a little worse than being thumped by an air pocket, but you get the idea.

To use the vest, you just put it on, plug it into the USB port of your PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Wii, and get ready for the hits. Its driver supports more than 40 first-person shooter games, including the Call of Duty and Halflife franchises.

The 3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest package has a suggested retail price of $US139. A list of dealers can be found on its website.

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