3D Printing

3D printing tech lets you "edit" objects as they're being printed

One of the benefits of 3D printing for industry and smaller scale makers alike is the ability to do rapid prototyping, simply by printing a copy of a design and then tweaking as necessary. A new kind of printing system speeds up this process even more, by allowing for designs to be edited on the fly – as they're being printed.Read More

Turning the wind from a special day into a piece of jewelry

"I want to give you the wind." It sounds like a bit of overly romantic hyperbole – the kind one character might declare to another during an episode of Game of Thrones (in between all the stabbing and beheading). But one company is making it possible to convert that sentiment into an actual piece of jewelry thanks to a bit of virtual modelling and 3D printing.Read More

World's first 3D-printed office building completed in Dubai

3D printing technology promises to revolutionize architecture in the near-future, allowing designers to literally click-and-print complex buildings at a lower cost and faster speed than traditional construction methods allow. Another step forward in the field comes via Dubai, where what's hailed as the world's first 3D-printed office was recently completed.Read More

MIT brushes up on 3D-printing hair

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have developed a method for 3D printing hair structures with a diameter as small as 50 micrometers each, to create finely detailed surfaces, touch sensors and even actuating motors, which can be used to make customized paint brushes, Velcro-like mechanical adhesives, and touch-sensitive plush toys. Read More

Harvard tech allows for mid-air 3D printing of metal structures

Suppose that you had to build a tiny spring, antenna or other structure for use in a microelectronic device such as a biomedical implant… how might you go about doing it? Well, a new 3D printing technique developed at Harvard University would certainly make the process easier. It allows people to essentially draw minuscule metal items in mid-air.Read More

The most popular 3D printing pen gets a makeover – meet the 3Doodler Create

It's been a couple of years since we first tried out the 3Doodler – a pen that lets you draw in three dimensions using molten plastic that hardens when it comes into contact with the air. Since then, we've seen a revised version of the product hit shelves, and now the company is back again with yet another refinement – the 3Doodler Create. The new pen brings improved reliability and some cool new design elements. Read More


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