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2025 Sunbeam Tiger electric car concept


April 16, 2009

2025 Sunbeam Tiger Electric Car Concept

2025 Sunbeam Tiger Electric Car Concept

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April 17, 2009 The 1925 Sunbeam Tiger was a supercharged V12 four-liter racing car, driven by Sir Henry Segrave at 145 mph (233 km/h) and was the smallest-engined car ever to hold the world land speed record. The Sunbeam Tiger electric sports car concept has been designed to "virtually" commemorate the 100th anniversary (1925-2025) of the Tiger's land speed record win. The Tiger concept car is powered by a Siemens 3 phase AC motor powering the rear wheels with a 26 kilowatt/hour lithium-titanate battery pack and has a curb weight of 600kg (1323lb).

The Sunbeam Tiger Concept is based on a tubular space frame chassis made from recycled aluminum, with other environmentally friendly materials used for many components, including vegetable oil resin body panels, soy foam seats covered in biofabric, natural fiber brake pads, eco-paint and cornstarch tires. The roll bars are built directly into the seat frame and the seat frame is built into the chassis for improved safety.

The car has an estimated performance of 0-60 mph in 2.3 seconds, an electronically limited top speed of 160mph and a driving range of about 800 miles between charges. The car's designer, Ryan Skelley, admits that he made a mistake when calculating the distance available on one charge but the saving grace is that this is a concept for 2025 and with the current progression of battery technology, he's sure that range will be achievable.

Paul Evans


2025 Sunbeam Tiger Electric Car Concept is a joke. Could those tires be any wider? Open to BOTH sides? Efficient aerodynamics require fully enclosed wheel wells, boat tail and belly pan, rolling efficient tires, too.


Efficient aerodynamics? Who cares, it's hard to hold your breath long enough in a water droplet to get anywhere that needs going. With numbers and looks like that, it's a bike with too many wheels :) Brilliant

Craig Jennings

I don't think they cared about efficient aerodynamics when they designed this car. Still I would say a top fuel dragster and F-18 both have higher drag than this vehicle. The question the designers were asking themselves was not how efficient we can make this car but what's the best weight to Horsepower (HP) ratio we can get. As for the tires Corvettes today have tires twice as wide as these for traction. The only thing it actually does need (required in almost every country) is a windshield and most places a front bumper. For its purpose it's not a bad design, rather good, just not very fastidious.

Matt Fletcher

How can I get hold of one?

Martin Brook

Looks like an Ariel Atom. http://www.gizmag.com/go/3258/

Tyrone Curry

Looks like a souped up Lotus 7, which is OK by me, since what we are really lacking now are more electric 2 seaters that are really FUN to drive around town and are affordable. Think autocross ready to make short commutes much more interesting.

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