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The new Facebook is... MySpace?


September 25, 2012

Could MySpace be the new Facebook?

Could MySpace be the new Facebook?

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While Facebook today is an absolute juggernaut, with about one in seven humans on the planet being a "monthly active user," it's almost hard to remember that before November 2007, MySpace was the biggest game in town. Since then, MySpace has more or less been relegated to punchline status, a desolate place with fewer users than it had twinkling background GIFs. But it seems MySpace is about to launch a dramatic redesign of the site that brings its interface well and truly into the touch-screen era and, frankly, makes the gigantic Facebook site look a bit stodgy and old-fashioned in comparison.

Competition drives innovation – and while Facebook has certainly innovated in the last five years, just about every step along the way has been met with furious complaints from its user base. Case in point: Timeline.

Still, despite the adverse user reaction to such minor changes, the overall look and feel of the Facebook site is still very much the same as it was when the majority of us got on board. It looks a bit "Web 2.0" – and while I'm not sure exactly which release number web we're supposed to be up to right now, things have definitely moved on.

There's a sense out there that Facebook's gigantic user base and its famous resistance to change is slowing the company down - but with Google Plus failing to capture peoples' imaginations, there's really been very few genuine alternatives for people wanting to jump ship.

That may be about to change. The desolate, tumbleweed-filled plains of MySpace may bear fruit again. In a video released yesterday, MySpace showed off a brand new interface, heavily influenced by tablet computing and Windows 8, that blows the doors off Facebook and Google Plus in a purely visual sense.

Check out the video:

Perhaps one of the most powerful features will be the ability to auto-connect and import your Facebook friend lists. One wonders how long that functionality will survive if this becomes a genuine competitor to Zuckerberg's virtual monopoly.

The interface is highly visual, featuring full-page background photos and videos, so it'll chew a ton more bandwidth than Facebook or Google Plus, but then most of the first world has long handed in its dial-up internet. Cable, DSL and 4G mobile connections are widening the pipe for the average joe to a degree where the minimalist designs of Facebook and Google may cease to be an advantage.

It actually looks like this new iteration might make MySpace actually become relevant again. It certainly seems worth a look – I'm always hunting for new ways to tell people what I had for breakfast. My people need to know, damn it!

Take a closer look at the interface by looking through our huge photo gallery.

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Seems cluttered.. It will be a flop. Few people like the Facebook timeline. No one understands really why they did it. Facebook is just as popular as ever. WHY? content, people don't use Facebook for the lay out, they use it for because their friends use it. User generated content, games, and other media drive the site. Facebook is king but plus is rising. Google plus has a huge built in audience because Gmail, Google search, Youtube, Voice, docs, hangout and of course the Android Operating system. Myspace can change all it wants but it won't matter. There are to many sites that fight for our time. Myspace can't compete.

Michael Mantion

There are two problems with MySpace that will guarantee they will not be replacing Facebook any time soon - or ever.

The first and solvable one is that of performance. I haven't seen their latest redesign but it's not their first. They have already made one major redesign in response to the rising popularity of Facebook a couple of years ago. I checked it at the time and it was terribly slow and unresponsive. They appear to lack the knowhow of making a truly interactive, fast interface.

But the biggest problem is that they're still focused on music. Just look at that video - it's Justin Timberlake and going to shows and whatnot. This is not a Facebook killer simply because this is not a general purpose social network and they don't intend it to be. They are attempting to carve out a niche for themselves but it's just this - a niche product.

Michael Grosberg

hmm, what I saw in the little presentation film looked promising. In reality it leaves too much gaps to make a structural disaster. When will someone take out the goth, the ability to use crappy pictures as a background and boxy structure of the interface? The remark that there's a need for more web2.0 in FB is oh so true though...

Stefaan van Damme

No... Facebook (Timeline) is cluttered.

Take Apple for example (When Steve Jobs was still there): The sole aim was to blow the users mind. And that is why people queue through the night for their products.

But Facebook was a mind blowing concept at first, a "solution" to a digital era problem. But all further development and "improvement" of Facebook was aimed at pleasing the advertisers on Facebook, not the users. A user orientated improvement will only be made if that information could be used to attract more advertisers.

Google Plus, App.net all have the right idea in the sense that they know users want a service aimed at them, but there nerdy insight less approach will never attract the masses.

Frankly if Myspace could be the center point that functions as your music player, social network, etc. with a interface as demonstrated in that video, its gonna blow people's mind, not just the nerds or anti-Facebookers..


Except obviously that Myspace is owned by the murdoch Co, aka, the sun, news of the world, spy on people, show them nude, help to rig elections, fox news... not very trustworty!

Antony Stewart

I love timeline in FB.. LOVE IT. I agree with @Michael Mantion at MySpace kiddy page being cluttered. ick.

Terry Remsik

To be honest I cannot understand the narcissistic fascination with either of them. People with nothing better to do and feel the need to massage their egos by telling the rest of the world what they do and posting photos of themselves. Yuck. Friends who have facebook pages have quit and acquaintences who have them, well they are generally pretty full of it and themselves...


I believe the real narcissistic fascination will become prevalent when the Star Ship Enterprise is built.

Trycorder communications? Check.

Flipider Comm

It's nice to see they're trying to stay on top of things at least. Although it seems that the site is geared towards celebrities and such. I mean people have got to want to see your space. And want to know what's going on in your world. It's kind of a showcase of your life.


Facebook resistant to change? Not at all! They love change - it's just too bad that the changes they make are not the ones that their users want. Timeline almost made me quit, but my family - which is spread over three continents - is on FB so I relented...and spent a couple of hours disabling Timeline and untagging myself in various places. If a challenger really wanted to eclipse Facebook in a matter of weeks, all he would have to do is respect his users' personal privacy. Yes, it IS possible to monetize the Web without putting users in a goldfish bowl, but it does take some effort, and it would seem that the big Web entrepreneurs are fundamentally lazy...or have reasons other than commercial for spying on their users.


looks smart. i can't see mums using it to update their mum friends about the contents of the latest nappy, but it's much better suited to arts/music/design networking as you can craft a mini portfolio and keep track of your audience and peers.


Computers are primarily tools and software should be seen that way. The computer users I most respect are those that need a job done and IT does it for them (so I respect myself less for leaning to geek). Facebook does a job and a flashy interface on a competitor will probably not increase functionality but will increase time wasted. It will also increase data usage (I get by on 7+7). Sure, Facebook needs some tweaks (eg. ability to restrict a post to 18+, a deny list as well as an allow list) but I believe it allows me to do what I might reasonably want to in the way of social networking.

The included video seems to reflect Myspace's attitude - don't explicitly highlight anything Facebook may not have; just present loads of candy. Maybe their way in is to contract celebrities to use Myspace and have people follow in from there.


Justin Timberlake bought Myspace back in June of 2011 for $35mil.


Oh, check this out fellow Facebookers:

Suzanne Gale

I hate FB, like heaps of dudes. I left MySpace as a musician as no one could buy your music off the site it self, no matter how many millions of artist complained about that fault. Yet again, like YT, MySpace was was for marjor artist only. but Indie dudes filled that side of the site up.

Paul Perkins

I'm 'milliard' as well and wish to note that Facebook does have a 'Restrict to Mature' option and seems to have allow and deny lists. I stand corrected.

Gerry Lavell

My_ is now official worse than facebook.

Managorth Anora

I loved MySpace, used it all the time, but from the get go I've hated Facebook. I hate being spammed with odd apps, being told people are talking about me but I can't see unless I join this app and post about others to be equally annoyed. I don't like it when sites like this expect me to log on Facebook to post or that everyone and there dogs gonna read this. " we'll then Ashley, why use it?" Because in this day and age apparently I'm a antisocial hobbit if people don't know I was brushing my teeth yesterday. In MySpace my page looked unique played my playlists and I didn't find myself spammed in what everyone's doing at a hourly basis. I find facebook pages never unique nor easy to make "mine". I'm all for a social media but face book is horrible..

Ashley Dawn

Watching the video and looking through all the comments had me thinking... People like inventiveness, ease, and simplicity as well. For a second the new Myspace really attracted my eyes because it feels more engaging then Facebook because of the layout as well as all the implemented features. Realizing Myspace's past and its fall from popularity, as well as the average person thinks, no matter how many changes that don't particularly catch the eye of Facebook's audience, the fact all Facebook users have family members as well as other people they really only keep on Facebook endless Facebook decides to finally charge or makes the sight updated to the point its extremely difficult to use. Facebook is now, and Facebook is forever.

Travv Touchh
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