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Motocrossboard stand-on light motorcycles now available for preorder


August 24, 2011

Motocrossboard inventor Andy Keel on a 2011 MXB Shocker

Motocrossboard inventor Andy Keel on a 2011 MXB Shocker

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Late last year we ran a story on the MXB Shocker Motocrossboard, an electric-powered two-wheel vehicle from Performance Concepts Inc. (PCI) described as a cross between a snowboard and a dirtbike. At that time the company had intended a limited release of the 2011 MXB Shocker with prices starting at US$2,999 but in the wake of widespread media interest the Motocrossboard's inventor and PCI CEO, Andy Keel, decided against taking orders, choosing instead to focus on further product development and design. The extra R & D has resulted in a lighter and cheaper 2012 MXB Shocker that is now ready for sale alongside three new models.

In our last story, we referred to the Motocrossboard as an electric-powered skateboard but, while it might share similarities with such a vehicle, Keel says the Motocrossboard can't be defined as a skateboard at all and is actually better described as a light motorcycle that the rider stands on while controlling the throttle and brake with a handheld control unit. Curators of the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum in Alabama, which is considered the largest motorcycle museum in the world, obviously agree, as the original MXB MOTO-MX prototype will soon be on show there.

"I was speechless when the Barber Museum arranged to send for the MOTO-MX prototype. To have my first attempt at a unique motorcycle design reside with the best collection of motorcycles in the world is quite an honor," says Keel who first conceived the Motocrossboard in the 90's after returning to college in Georgia from four years of snowboarding and mountain biking in Colorado and wanted something that offered the same freedom as snowboarding without the snow.

Keel sees powered boards are a natural progression of board sports, allowing riders to take advantage of the millions of square miles of dirt and concrete in between the snow, waves and skate parks required for non-powered board sports. The rider steers the Motocrossboard by shifting their weight to their toes or heels in the same manner as snowboarding but Keel says learning to ride a Motocrossboard is easier than learning to snowboard - or surf for that matter.

His more than 10 years of hard work has resulted in a range of four Motocrossboards that are finally ready to hit the market. They are:

The 2012 MXB Shocker, which is several pounds lighter than the original 2011 model coming in at as little as 67 lbs (30 kg), which Keel says contributes to the vehicle's improved handling. It comes geared for 18 mph (29 km/h) and is offered with a choice of either an SLA battery pack that provides a range of around eight miles (12.8 km) or a LiFePO4 battery pack that increases the range to up to 36 miles (58 km). The 2012 MXB Shocker ranges in price from US$1,699 to $2,399.

The 2012 MXB MOTO-GT is described as a cruiser board. It weighs in at 65 lbs (29 kg) and is powered by a 50cc two horsepower gasoline engine that can propel the board to speeds of more than 30 mph (48 km/h), although it comes geared for 18 mph. It also features a constantly variable transmission (CVT). The 2012 MXB MOTO-GT is available for $1,699 to $1,999.

The 2012 MXB MOTO-GTR is designed as a high performance racer and reduces the weight to around 63 lbs (28.5 kg) with a 46cc 4.3 horsepower gasoline engine that can also propel the rider to speeds of up to 30 mph (48 km/h), but comes geared for 25 mph (40). It also features a CVT. The 2012 MXB MOTO-GTR ranges in price from $2,099 to $2,399.

Lastly there's the electric 2012 MXB Shocker R, which is the highest performance board in the range. Driven by a large diameter brushless motor that is powered by a 48V, 60 amp, LiFePO4 battery pack, the Shocker R delivers a peak power of 2,500 watts and boasts 5-ft-lb of torque, which is twice as much as the MOTO-GTR. Weighing in at around 70 lbs (32 kg), it comes geared for 28 mph (45 km/h), and out climbs and out accelerates the other models while requiring less maintenance than the gasoline engine-powered offerings. The 2012 MXB Shocker R is priced at $2,599 to $2,999.

All models in the range come standard with a new cast 535 aluminum/magnesium alloy and chromoly frame, coil over, oil damped shocks offering 5-inches of plush suspension adjustable to up to 9-inches, and 20-inch spun 6061-T6 aluminum wheels.

PCI is currently taking preorders for all 2012 model Motocrossboards through its website and if they're not shipped within 60 days of the order being placed PCI will refund 94 percent of the payment amount.

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What the heck ia a preorder?! Any order is by definition \"pre.\"

Is that like pre-boarding, when you get on the plane before you get on the plane


them tires look like there going to taste good..

Jay Finke

What the heck do they mean by offering a 94% refund if you don\'t get the product? Hey everyone, I\'m tentatively offering new Ferraris for only $35,000 each, send your money now, and I\'ll refund 94% if you don\'t get the car. :-)

Facebook User

That is pretty cool - except for our local laws that prohibit one from commuting on these... and I can\'t afford one...

Mr Stiffy

Well well.. someone puts a motor on a dirt surfer, and claims that they spend years developing the \"technology\".....(Patent infringement anyone)

Granted the dirt surfer doesn\'t have suspension (apart from a flexible frame), but that is no problem to design, merely a patter of cutting and shutting existing components...

Great that such a toy is on the market (nearly, if the Pre order is to be Pots manufactured)


The dirtsurfer is more similar to the grassboard than the motocrossboard is to the dirtsurfer. The steering systems of the dirtsurfer and grassboard are practically the same while the motocrossboard steering system is completely unique. Placing the steering system inside the circumference of the wheel to achieve head tube angles needed with suspension that pivots up to 24 degrees is what\'s called an inventive step. If it\'s not obvious to you by comparing the steering systems, compare the patents for the motocrossboard and dirtsurfer and there will be no doubt.

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