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Pininfarina 2uettottanta and Range Rover Evoque take car design awards


March 5, 2011

Pininfarina 2uettottanta and Range Rover Evoque take car design awards

Pininfarina 2uettottanta and Range Rover Evoque take car design awards

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There is no greater accolade than to be judged the finest by your peers. This year the car design fraternity has delivered an overwhelming verdict for the concept design of the year to the Pininfarina – 40% of all the voters (all car designers) voted for the Pininfarina 2uettottanta ahead of some quite outstanding competition in the form of the Jaguar C-X75 and Renault DeZir. The Car Design of the Year 2010 Production category gong went to Range Rover's Evoque ahead of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta and Audi A7.

Pininfarina 2uettottanta and Range Rover Evoque take car design awards

The 2010 awards were selected by a poll of readers of Car Design News, an online resource targeting automotive design professionals. For the fifth year running, the design community was asked to select the designs which impressed them the most among the shortlists in two categories – concept and production – truly a 'by designers for designers' choice.

Pininfarina 2uettottanta and Range Rover Evoque take car design awards

Previous winners:

2009: Aston Martin Rapide (production); Cadillac Converj (concept)

2008: Chevrolet Camaro (production); BMW GINA (concept)

2007: Fiat 500 (production); BMW Concept CS (concept)

2006: Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione (production); Saab Aero X (concept)

2005: Aston Martin DB9

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I remember the first Range Rover coming out,, sadly they were never built properly, broke down a lot and were expensive to maintain. Hopefully this new model will have had a lot more thought put into its design and build.There are so many companies making these big gas guzzlers, the market seems to be overloaded with them.

5th March, 2011 @ 09:09 pm PST

With all due respect to Pininfarina, I believe the Jaguar C-X75 should have won. The Pininfarina Maserati Birdcage to me is the top concept ever made to this present time, and the Jaguar comes in at a close second, but there's just to much good stuff in the C-X75 for it not to have won for the year. Nevertheless, congratulations to Pininfarina.

Facebook User
5th March, 2011 @ 10:41 pm PST

i am an alfisti and have been driving alfas about fifty years.i say that because the alfa zagato es30 was never well recieved but i loved the an inverse taste opinion the 2uettottanta is not doing it for me.perhaps it will look better in person.??????

Cowfy Kaufman
7th March, 2011 @ 06:21 am PST

Alfa Duettottanta was the culmination of the celebration of one hundred years of the Alpha Romeo and eighty years of Studio Pininfarina. Also was the best gift that could have done to himself and to his more traditional client .

Synthesis of Italian purism is a minimalist work of art, rarely seen in automotive design.

I Also feel me blessed when I see this masterpiece.

I would like to press the start button on one, in my garage, and say ceremoniously: - "Parla Duettottanta"!...

7th March, 2011 @ 08:18 am PST

nice classic pinin design,, accoladed as the finest production-ready concept car yet !!,.s.

Algreen-ussing Søren
18th May, 2011 @ 12:50 pm PDT

The Jaguar is my favorit design, I'd love to see the company actually build this. This Jaguar, what we see, not some watered down mock up of what shouldv'e been, the way scion screwd up the FR-S. It started out as a design I would've love to have owned, now it another car with a celica looked exterior :/

18th January, 2012 @ 01:01 pm PST
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