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Turn your old pizza box into an 01LAMP desk lamp


May 13, 2013

The 01LAMP foldable desk lamp is what you get when four young Italian designers get togeth...

The 01LAMP foldable desk lamp is what you get when four young Italian designers get together and start folding old pizza boxes (photo Edoardo Campanale/Gizmag)

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The 01LAMP desk lamp is what you get when four young Italian designers get together and start folding old pizza boxes. Created by Federico Trucchia, Daniele Schinaia, Antonio Scribano and Matt Compagnucci, 01LAMP pays homage to the idea of creating simple, economic and sustainable DIY furniture.

"The idea was born almost by accident", Fattelo designer and founder Federico Trucchia tells Gizmag. "The best method for making a prototype quickly is to use materials that you have at home. Therefore by using pizza boxes, I started to play around with a lamp design, which was then later developed into the open source project we have today."

Fattelo founders Federico Trucchia, Daniele Schinaia, Antonio Scribano and Matt Compagnucc...

The idea of giving an aesthetic value to a recovered pizza box received immediate enthusiasm from the group of Fattelo (meaning Do-It-Youself) designers. After some research, design adjustments and dozens of prototypes, the 01LAMP was ready to be switched on. Since the lamp was so easy to build, they wanted to make sure that anyone could simply download the design and construct it themselves. The concept was therefore made open source.

"The project is Open Source because we firmly believe in the free distribution of ideas," says Trucchia. "The project is continually evolving and users are free to make changes to the design or suggest changes. Our invitation is clear and open to all, use the 01LAMP as a starting base and then customize it to your liking."

Following a set of simple instructions, home builders can cut and fold a strong sheet of cardboard into the 01LAMP's free standing structure. Then, by fixing a low consumption LED light strip and power supply in place, the lamp is complete.

 01LAMP by Fattelo

"Our next project is still on approval, we are considering various ideas, while at the same time we are trying not be anchored down by the same techniques we used for the 01LAMP," reveals Trucchia. "I can tell you that we are working on two separate projects: one which has to do with light and the other with sound. But that’s all I can reveal for now."

DIY enthusiasts can download the plans free of charge from the Fattelo website, or order a prepared kit for €40 (about US$53).

Source: Fattelo

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Having a desk lamp that smells like pizza would not be good for my diet.

13th May, 2013 @ 08:25 am PDT

Just what I need on my desk a greasy pizza box.

13th May, 2013 @ 10:20 am PDT

and paying $53 for it is somewhat ludicrous - I can buy 2-4 decent quality LED desk-lamps for that. . . They're just plans - you still have to buy the light!

13th May, 2013 @ 11:21 am PDT

Hi Socal,

I'm Antonio from Fattelo! That's the right approach... if you don't want to buy-it, just... do-it! :)

Don't buy 4 lamps instead of 1. Do-it-yourself just the one you need!

Antonio Scribano
14th May, 2013 @ 04:08 am PDT

I think I will try this with some coroplast I have left over from another project. Where do we get the internal parts from?

Jay Lloyd
14th May, 2013 @ 11:43 am PDT
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